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green & gray

Stamps with this color combination:
  • Colnect-1929-121-Numeral-of-value.jpg
  • Colnect-4565-670-Empire-Crescent.jpg
  • Colnect-1914-427-Numeral-of-value.jpg
  • Colnect-4980-263-Coat-of-Arms-of-BCA-white-background.jpg
  • Colnect-5134-898-Tiger-Panthera-tigris.jpg
  • Colnect-415-933-Kings-Christian-IX-and-Frederik-VIII.jpg
  • Colnect-416-122-Kings-Christian-IX-and-Frederik-VIII.jpg
  • Colnect-583-610-Ford-of-Kitim.jpg
  • Colnect-415-935-King-Christian-X.jpg
  • Colnect-416-126-King-Christian-X.jpg
  • Colnect-447-637-Sacred-Oak-and-Altar.jpg
  • Colnect-2191-680-Zeeland-province-coat-of-arms.jpg
  • Colnect-4196-568-Coco-palms-at-Columbus-Cove---perf-13-x-14.jpg
  • Colnect-158-130-Harp-Seal-Pagophilus-groenlandicus.jpg
  • Colnect-158-140-Harp-Seal-Pagophilus-groenlandicus.jpg
  • Colnect-3803-501-Caravels-of-Columbus.jpg
  • Colnect-2607-929-Plane-over-Dubrovnik.jpg
  • Colnect-722-763-Kemal-Ataturk-General.jpg
  • Colnect-4320-070-St-John-Bosco.jpg
  • Colnect-161-345-Universal-Postal-Union.jpg
  • Colnect-3941-224-Royal-Visit-1953.jpg
  • Colnect-1933-413-Rhandames-Bridge.jpg
  • Colnect-1971-511-Lademann-Max.jpg
  • Colnect-5275-133-Rhandames-Bridge-surcharged-2c-on-1c.jpg
  • Colnect-150-768-Sculpture-of-the-Good-Shepherd.jpg
  • Colnect-613-737-El-Cid.jpg
  • DDR_1962_Michel_923.JPG
  • Colnect-2716-397-Koran.jpg
  • Colnect-1855-806-Alfredo-Stroessner-1912-2006.jpg
  • Colnect-2297-318-40th-anniv-of-SABENA-Airline---Caravelle-over-Airport.jpg
  • Colnect-4733-786-Pavillion-in-World-Fair-New-York.jpg
  • Colnect-170-985-Pensioners.jpg
  • Colnect-1670-725-Lincoln-and-Kennedy.jpg
  • Colnect-128-010-Figures.jpg
  • Colnect-125-692-View-from-Clifton-c1830.jpg
  • Colnect-4337-327-Queen-Elizabeth-II.jpg
  • Colnect-795-607-National-congress-of-esperanto.jpg
  • Colnect-3638-981-FIFA-World-Cup-1982-Spain.jpg
  • Colnect-123-008-Garlic-Leaves.jpg
Description: green & gray
Abbrev: grn&gray


Used by 42 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Belgium postage 9/1/1963 3fr issue=Sabena 40th d=40th anniv of SABENA Airline - Caravelle over Airport unwmk perf=11.5
Bolivia postage 9/26/1948 3b issue=3rd Inter-American Catholic Education Congress d=St John Bosco unwmk
Brazil postage 7/26/1981 7.00cr issue=66th World Esperanto Congress unwmk perf=11.75
British Central Africa postage 8/1897 6p issue=1897 d=arms of British Central Africa (1897) wmk=crown & CA
Canada postage 1979 17c issue=1977 updates d=Queen Elizabeth II (1979) unwmk perf=13x13.5
Cyprus postage 4/12/1965 30m issue=Social Insurance Law d=old age wmk=mult crown & script CA
Danish West Indies postage 1876 5c issue=1873 d=numeral (1870 Denmark) perf=14x13.5
Danish West Indies postage 1896 5c issue=1896 perf=13
Dominican Republic postage 2/6/1960 1c issue=Rhadames Bridge 1959 d=Rhadames Bridge wmk=crosses & circles
Dominican Republic postage 12/20/1960 2c issue=1960 provisional d=Rhadames Bridge oc=blk on=1c-grn&gray wmk=crosses & circles
French Guinea postage 1913 40c issue=1913 d=ford at Kitim unwmk
Germany postage 8/11/1994 47pf issue=1994 dt=historic sites (1994) d=Berus monument unwmk
German Democratic Republic postage 10/25/1962 20pf issue=GDR television 10th
German Democratic Republic semipostal 6/8/1960 10+5pf dt=Sachsenhausen victims d=Max Lademann
Great Britain postage 3/14/1995 30p issue=The Four Seasons 1995 d=Garlic Leaves unwmk perf=14.75x14.25
Guernsey postage 2/7/1978 5p dt=Old Guernsey Prints d=View from Clifton c1830 unwmk
Jersey postage due 2/15/1971 10p issue=1971 due unwmk perf=14x13.5
Greenland postage 2/1/1945 7o issue=1945 d=harp seal (1945) unwmk
Greenland postage 7/1945 7o issue=liberation of Denmark d=harp seal (1945) ovpt=DANMARK//BEFRIET//5 MAJ 1945 oc=blk on=issue=1945-7o unwmk
Haiti postage 11/14/1983 25c issue=World Cup 1982 unwmk
Iceland official 6/1/1907 4aur issue=1907 official d=King Frederik VIII & King Christian IX wmk=crown b perf=12.75
Iceland official 6/1/1907 20aur issue=1907 official d=King Frederik VIII & King Christian IX wmk=crown b perf=12.75
Iceland official 1920 4aur issue=1920 official wmk=mult crosses perf=14x14.5
Iceland official 1920 20aur issue=1920 official wmk=mult crosses perf=14x14.5
Jamaica postage 1938 2p issue=George VI pictorials d=coco palms at Columbus Cove & King George VI wmk=mult crown & script CA
Jamaica postage 11/25/1953 2p issue=Royal Visit 1953 d=coco palms at Columbus Cove & Queen Elizabeth II wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=12.5x13
Liberia postage 5/3/1965 20c issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Abraham Lincoln unwmk
Lithuania postage 8/25/1920 3auk issue=assembly opening d=Sacred Oak & altar wmk=zigzag lines forming rectangles perf=11.25 paper=thin white
Malaya, Federated States postage 10/10/1904 1c issue=1904 d=tiger (1900) wmk=mult crown & CA perf=14
Netherlands semipostal 12/1/1926 5c+3c issue=1926 child welfare dt=arms (1926 Netherlands) d=arms of Zeeland wmk=circles perf=12.5
Nicaragua airmail 9/1/1945 20c issue=1945 air unwmk
Norway postage 10/9/1949 10o issue=UPU 75th unwmk perf=13
Panama airmail 1964 15c issue=New York World's Fair 1964
Paraguay postage 8/6/1963 3g issue=Re-election of President Stroessner to Third Term of Office unwmk perf=11
Saudi Arabia postage 3/12/1963 9 1/2pi d=Koran wmk=crossed swords & palm tree perf=serrate roulette 13
Saudi Arabia postage 1968 4pi issue=1968d d=Mecca Mosque new arcade wmk=crossed swords & palm tree & inscription
Spain postage 7/30/1962 10p issue=El Cid d=oathtaking unwmk perf=14
Turkey postage 6/5/1890 10pa d=crescent (1876) unwmk
Turkey postage 8/30/1947 1l issue=Dumlupinar battle 25th d=Kemal Ataturk (1947) unwmk perf=11.5
Vatican City postage 6/12/1962 70l issue=Call to be a Priest wmk=crossed keys perf=14
Yugoslavia airmail 4/21/1947 5din issue=1947 air d=Latin letters at top unwmk perf=12x11.5
Yugoslavia airmail 4/21/1947 5din issue=1947 air d=Cyrilic letters at top unwmk perf=12x11.5

Used by 1 stampdesc as color:
issuer=Dominican Republic-1c-grn&gray