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green & purple

Stamps with this color combination:
  • Colnect-1873-893-Queen-Victoria.jpg
  • Colnect-4166-289-Sultan-Sir-Ibrahim.jpg
  • Colnect-819-133-God-Brahma.jpg
  • Colnect-448-722-Antanas-Juozapavicius-1894-1919.jpg
  • Colnect-448-728-Ernestas-Galvanauskas-1882-1967.jpg
  • Colnect-2427-462-Postman-with-Dromedary-Camelus-dromedarius.jpg
  • Colnect-167-126-Castle-St-Angelo.jpg
  • Colnect-3124-055-Postman-with-Dromedary-Camelus-dromedarius.jpg
  • Colnect-1102-091-Fijian-House.jpg
  • Colnect-4660-547-Sun-Yat-sen.jpg
  • Colnect-2879-597-Communications--Building.jpg
  • Colnect-5883-392-Postman-with-Dromedary-Camelus-dromedarius.jpg
  • Colnect-4860-697-Juan-Montalvo-and-Cervantes.jpg
  • Colnect-147-750-Bernadette-as-a-nun-of-the-Sisters-of-Mercy-during-prayer.jpg
  • Colnect-898-668-Adulterated-Cooking-Oil-Victims-Relief-Fund.jpg
  • Colnect-1296-412-Basketball.jpg
  • Colnect-2155-519-Dove-and-UN-Emblem.jpg
  • Colnect-3896-911-Fort-George.jpg
  • Colnect-4539-663-ITU-Emblem.jpg
  • Colnect-185-370-Int-Year-of-the-Woman.jpg
  • Colnect-5384-753-Fiat-1899.jpg
Description: green & purple
Abbrev: grn&pur


Used by 29 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Argentina semipostal 3/29/1958 40+20c issue=100th Anniversary of the Argentine Confederation Stamps / Philatelic Exhibition 1958 unwmk
New South Wales official 1886 5sh issue=1887 official d=Queen Victoria
Belgium postage 6/21/1975 6.50fr issue=International Women's Year unwmk
Cayman Islands postage 11/28/1962 5sh issue=1962 d=Fort George & Queen Elizabeth II wmk=mult crown & script CA
Cayman Islands postage 5/17/1965 1sh3p issue=ITU 100th d=lightning bolt & globe wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=11x11.5
China postage 12/6/1939 $10 issue=1939 secret marks d=Sun Yat-sen (1938) var=secret mark unwmk perf=14
Inner Mongolia postage 7/1/1941 $10 issue=1941d d=Sun Yat-sen (1938) var=secret mark ovpt=a oc=blk on=issuer=China-issue=1939 secret marks-$10-pr=Dah Tung unwmk perf=14
Shantung postage 1941 $10 issue=1941d d=Sun Yat-sen (1938) var=secret mark ovpt=Shantung oc=blk on=issuer=China-issue=1939 secret marks-$10-unwmk-perf=14 unwmk perf=14
Japanese occupation of North China postage 1942 $5 issue=1942c d=Sun Yat-sen (1938) var=secret mark ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-12/6/1939-$10 unwmk perf=14
Cuba postage 4/12/1961 10c issue=UN 15th unwmk perf=12.5
Ecuador airmail 5/2/1949 10s issue=Cervantes 400th unwmk
Fiji postage 4/5/1938 5sh issue=George VI pictorials d=Fijian House & King George VI wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=12.5
French India postage 1922 2c issue=1914 d=Brahma unwmk
Indonesia postage 1966 25r issue=1966 d=Sukarno 1966 unwmk
Italy semipostal 7/1/1930 30+10c issue=1930 National Militia wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Lithuania postage 10/1/1922 40sk issue=recognition d=Antanas Juozapavicius wmk=wavy lines (Lithuania) perf=10.75
Lithuania postage 10/1/1922 4auk issue=recognition d=Ernestas Galvanauskas wmk=wavy lines (Lithuania) perf=10.75
Johore postage 1918 $1 issue=1918 d=Sultan Ibrahim of Johor (1904) wmk=mult crown & CA
Maldive Islands postage 8/20/1960 1r issue=Olympics 1960 d=basketball (1960) unwmk perf=11.5x11
Mexico postage 1947 20p d=communications building wmk=GOBIERNO MEXICANO & eagle
Monaco postage 5/15/1958 20fr issue=Lourdes apparition 100th d=Bernadette as a nun of the Sisters of Mercy during prayer unwmk perf=13
Morocco semipostal 2/29/1960 15+10fr issue=Adulterated Cooking Oil Victims Relief Fund unwmk
Niger postage 7/16/1975 100fr dt=Vintage Cars (1975) d=Fiat 1899 unwmk perf=13
Saudi Arabia postage 1965 200pi issue=1965 d=Wadi Hanifa dam (redrawn) & cartouche Saud unwmk perf=serrate roulette 13
Sudan postage 1927 3m issue=1927 d=camel post (1921) wmk=mult SG perf=14
Sudan official 1903 3m issue=1903 official wmk=rosette perf=14
Sudan official 1906 3m issue=1906 army official b wmk=rosette perf=14
Sudan official 1936 3m issue=1936 official wmk=mult SG perf=14
Sudan official 1/1/1948 3m issue=1948 official wmk=mult SG perf=14