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10r denom (#10064)

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Desc: 10r

Currency: Portuguese real (1000r=1m)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Users of this denom: Macao (11 stamps, 1884-1894), Madeira (5 stamps, 1868-1898), Portugal (22 stamps, 1862-1911), Portuguese Africa (1 stamp, 1898), Portuguese Congo (4 stamps, 1894-1911), Timor (3 stamps, 1885-1894)

Used by 46 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Portugal 7/1/1862 10r org issue=1862 dt=King Luiz I d=King Luis I imperf
Portugal 7/1/1866 10r yel issue=1866 d=King Luís I (1866) imperf
Portugal 7/1867 10r yel issue=1867 d=King Luís I (1866) var=2 perf=12.5
Madeira 1868 10r yel issue=1868 perf d=King Luís I (1866) var=2 ovpt=MADEIRA oc=blk on=issuer=Portugal-1867-10r perf=12.5
Portugal 1870 10r yel issue=1870 d=King Luís I (1870)
Madeira 1871 10r yel issue=1871 d=King Luís I (1870) ovpt=MADEIRA oc=blk on=issuer=Portugal-issue=1870-10r-yel
Madeira 1879 10r blgrn issue=1871 d=King Luís I (1870) ovpt=MADEIRA oc=blk on=issuer=Portugal-issue=1870-10r-blgrn
Portugal 1879 10r blgrn issue=1870 d=King Luís I (1870)
Madeira 1880 10r yelgrn issue=1871 d=King Luís I (1870) ovpt=MADEIRA oc=blk on=issuer=Portugal-issue=1870-10r-yelgrn
Portugal 1880 10r yelgrn issue=1870 d=King Luís I (1870)
Portugal 1884 10r grn issue=1882 d=King Luís I (1882 10r)
Macao 3/1884 10r org issue=1884 d=Portuguese crown perf=12.5
Macao 1885 10r grn issue=1884 d=Portuguese crown
Macao 1885 10r rose issue=1885a d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=25r-rose
Macao 1885 10r grn issue=1885b d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=50r-grn
Macao 1885 10r grn issue=1885a d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=50r-grn
Timor 1885 10r grn issue=1885 d=Portuguese crown ovpt=TIMOR oc=blk on=issuer=Mozambique-10r-grn perf=12.5
Macao 1887 10r gray issue=1887a d=Portuguese crown ovpt=10//Reis//bar oc=blk on=1885-80r
Macao 1887 10r org issue=1887a d=Portuguese crown ovpt=10//Reis//bar oc=blk on=1884-200r perf=12.5
Timor 1887 10r d=King Luís I (1886) perf=12.5
Macao 10/20/1887 10r issue=1887b oc=red on=type=revenue-10r
Macao 10/20/1887 10r issue=1887b oc=red on=type=revenue-60r
Macao 1/1888 10r grn issue=1888 d=King Luís I (1886)
Portugal 1892 10r redvio issue=1892 d=King Carlos (1892)
Portugal 1892 10r grn issue=PROVISORIO 1892 d=King Luís I (1882 10r) ovpt=PROVISORIO(angle) oc=red on=1884-10r-grn
Portugal 7/25/1892 10r grn d=King Luís I (1882 10r) ovpt=PROVISORIO oc=blk on=1884-10r-grn
Portugal 1893 10r grn issue=1893 provisional d=King Luís I (1882 10r) ovpt=1893//PROVISORIO oc=blk on=1884-10r-grn
Timor 1894 10r redvio issue=1894 d=King Carlos (1893) perf=13.5
Portugal 3/4/1894 10r mag issue=Prince Henry 500th d=Prince Henry on ship perf=14
Portuguese Congo 8/5/1894 10r redvio issue=1894 d=King Carlos (1893)
Macao 11/15/1894 10r redvio issue=1894 d=King Carlos (1893) perf=11.5
Portugal 6/13/1895 10r redlil issue=St Anthony 700th d=The Fish Sermon of St Anthony of Padua
Portugal 11/1895 10r ltgrn issue=1895 d=King Carlos (1895) perf=11.5
Portuguese Congo 1898 10r ltgrn issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898)
Madeira 4/1/1898 10r redvio issue=Vasco da Gama 400th d=embarking at Rastello
Portugal 4/1/1898 10r redvio issue=Vasco da Gama 400th d=embarking at Rastello
Portuguese Africa 4/1/1898 10r redvio issue=Vasco da Gama 400th d=embarking at Rastello
Portugal postage due 5/1/1898 10r lil&blk d=zamorin of Calicut receiving Vasco da Gama perf=12
Portugal postage due 1904 10r org issue=1904 postage due d=numeral (1904 Portugal)
Portugal postage due 1910 10r org issue=1910 postage due d=numeral (1904 Portugal) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=car on=1904-10r
Portugal 1/1/1910 10r graygrn d=King Manuel II perf=14x15
Portugal 11/1/1910 10r graygrn issue=republic ovpt d=King Manuel II ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=car on=10r-graygrn-King Manuel II perf=14x15
Portugal 1911 10r lil&blk issue=1911b d=zamorin of Calicut receiving Vasco da Gama ovpt=bar//REPUBLICA oc=blk on=type=postage due-1898-10r perf=12
Portuguese Congo 1911 10r ltgrn issue=1911a ovpt=CONGO//REPUBLICA oc=blk on=issuer=Angola-10r-ltgrn
Portuguese Congo 1911 10r ltgrn issue=1911b ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=10r-ltgrn
Portugal postal tax 10/4/1911 10r graygrn d=King Manuel II ovpt=ASSISTENCIA oc=car on=11/1/1910-10r perf=14x15

Used by 35 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Portugal-10r-graygrn-King Manuel II
issuer=Portugal-type=postage due-1898-10r
issuer=Portugal-type=postage due-1910-10r
issuer=Portuguese Africa-10r
issuer=Portuguese Africa-issue=Vasco da Gama 400th-10r
issuer=Portuguese Africa-1898-10r
issuer=Portuguese Congo-10r-ltgrn
issuer=Portuguese Congo-1894-10r
issuer=Portuguese Congo-1898-10r