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100c denom (#10886)

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Desc: 100c

Currency: Dutch guilder (100c=1gld=1g)

Numerical sorting value: 6000

Equivalent denoms: 1g

Users of this denom: Netherlands (12 stamps, 1940-2000)

Used by 12 stamps of Netherlands: (See all uses as list)

10/1940 100c ltgrn d=gull oc=blk on=3c-ltgrn-gull-unissued
1/2/1995 100c d=10 for Europe
9/5/1995 100c dt=birds of prey (1995 Netherlands) d=red kite Milvus milvus
2/27/1996 100c dt=Johannes Vermeer paintings perf=12.75x13.25
3/21/1996 100c issue=Nature Preservation d=Snakes Head Fritillaria meleagris perf=13.25x12.75
5/31/1996 100c issue=Holidays 1996 d=Windmills at the Zaanse Schans perf=13.25x12.75
6/25/1996 100c issue=Olympics 1996 perf=13.25x12.75
10/1/1996 100c dt=Dutch Pioneers of the 16th Century d=Voyage of Jacques Mahu Simon de Cordes perf=13.25x12.75
2/25/1997 100c perf=13.25x12.75
6/17/1997 100c issue=Dutch Presidency of EU perf=13.25
1/2/1998 100c issue=Delftware dt=Delftware perf=Serpentine Die Cut
4/14/2000 100c issue=Rijksmuseum 200th d=De Nachtwacht

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