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50r denom (#10968)

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Desc: 50r

Currency: Brazilian real (old) (1000r=1mr)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Users of this denom: Brazil (54 stamps, 1866-1942)

Used by 54 stamps of Brazil: (See all uses as list)

7/1/1866 50r bl issue=1866 Dom Pedro d=Dom Pedro II (1866 50r) perf=12
1876 50r bl issue=1876 d=Dom Pedro II (1866 50r) perf=roul
1/15/1878 50r bl issue=1878 d=Dom Pedro II (1878 50r) perf=roul
7/15/1881 50r bl d=small head perf=roul
1884 50r bl issue=1884 d=larger head perf=roul
1887 50r d=crown (1887) perf=roul
newspaper 2/1/1889 50r yel issue=1889 newspaper a d=n1 perf=rouletted
newspaper 5/1/1889 50r och issue=1889 newspaper b d=n1 perf=rouletted
1890 50r graygrn issue=1890 d=Southern Cross (1890) perf=roul
postage due 1/1/1890 50r car issue=1890 due a d=numeral (1890) perf=rouletted
postage due 1/1/1890 50r ol issue=1890 due b d=numeral (1890) perf=rouletted
newspaper 1893 50r yelgrn issue=1890 newspaper b d=n3
1894 50r dkbl&bl issue=1894 d=Sugarloaf b perf=roul
postage due 1895 50r yelgrn issue=1895 due d=numeral (1895 Brazil due)
1898 50r grn issue=1898b d=n3 oc=blk on=type=newspaper-1890-20r-n3
1898 50r issue=1898c d=Sugarloaf b perf=5.5-7
1898 50r issue=1898d d=Liberty Head (1894 b) perf=8.5-9.5
6/25/1899 50r graygrn d=Southern Cross (1890) oc=blk on=1890-20r-graygrn perf=roul
1900 50r grn issue=1900 d=Sugarloaf
1905 50r grn issue=1905 d=Sugarloaf b wmk=CORREIO or IMPOSTO
1905 50r grn issue=1905b wmk correio d=Sugarloaf b wmk=CORREIO FEDERAL...
1905 50r grn issue=1905c wmk imposto d=Sugarloaf b wmk=IMPOSTO FEDERAL...
11/10/1906 50r grn issue=national figures 1906 d=Alvares Cabral wmk=ESTADOS perf=12
postage due 11/10/1906 50r grn issue=1906 due d=numeral (1906 Brazil) perf=12
official 11/15/1906 50r org&grn issue=1906 official d=Affonso Penna perf=12
official 11/15/1913 50r slbl&blk issue=1913 official d=Marechal Hermes perf=12
6/11/1918 50r grn issue=1918a d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right) perf=12.5,13,13x13.5
6/11/1918 50r grn issue=1918b d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right) wmk=CASA DA MOEDA perf=12.5,13,13x13.5
official 4/11/1919 50r grn issue=1919 official d=Wenceslau Braz wmk=CASA DA MOEDA perf=11x11.5
postage due 4/15/1919 50r grn issue=1919 due d=numeral (1919 Brazil due)
postage due 4/15/1919 50r grn issue=1919 due d=numeral (1919 Brazil due)
1920 50r blgrn issue=1920 d=industry perf=13.5x13,13x13.5
1922 50r orgbrn issue=1920 d=industry perf=13.5x13,13x13.5
1922 50r blgrn issue=1922 wmk=CASA DA MOEDA
1923 50r orgbrn issue=1922 wmk=CASA DA MOEDA
1923 50r orgbrn issue=1923 d=industry wmk=ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASIL
1924 50r orgbrn issue=1924 d=industry wmk=stars & CASA DA MOEDA
airmail 12/28/1927 50r slbl&blk issue=1927 air d=Marechal Hermes oc=blk on=issue=1913 official-10r perf=12
1929 50r red issue=1929 d=aviation wmk=EUBRASIL
airmail 1929 50r blgrn issue=1929 air d=Monument to de Gusmao wmk=EUBRASIL
1930 50r redpur issue=1930 d=aviation wmk=ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASIL 6mm
1931 50r blgrn issue=1931 d=aviation wmk=CORREIO BRASIL & 5 stars in squared circle
1931 50r redbrn issue=1931 d=aviation wmk=CORREIO BRASIL & 5 stars in squared circle
postage due 1931 50r blgrn issue=1931 due d=numeral (1919 Brazil due) perf=11
airmail 1934 50r blgrn issue=1934 air wmk=CORREIO BRASIL & 5 stars in squared circle
1936 50r blgrn issue=1936 d=aviation wmk=CORREIO BRASIL mult
1938 50r blgrn issue=1938 d=aviation wmk=CASA...&formee cross
1939 50r blgrn issue=1939 d=aviation wmk=CASA+DA+MOEDA+DO+BRAZIL 8mm
1941 50r blgrn issue=1940 d=aviation wmk=CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm)
1941 50r olbrn issue=1941a d=petroleum perf=11
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