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8c denom (#11094)

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Desc: 8c

Currency: Uruguayan peso (1000m=100c=1p=1np=1n$=1$)

Numerical sorting value: 4800

Users of this denom: Uruguay (42 stamps, 1864-1959)

Used by 42 stamps of Uruguay: (See all uses as list)

4/13/1864 8c grn d=arms of Uruguay (1864)
9/13/1909 8c grayvio d=shepherdess oc=blk on=1900-10c
11/21/1910 8c dkgray issue=1910 d=Artigas (1910)
official 2/18/1911 8c dksl issue=1911 official
1912 8c ultra issue=1912 d=Artigas (1910)
official 9/16/1915 8c ultra issue=1915 official
official 2/25/1919 8c ltbl<brn issue=1919 official
7/15/1919 8c orgbrn&ind issue=Peace 1919 d=Statue of Liberty, New York
11/25/1919 8c ltbl<brn issue=1919 d=Montevideo harbor & Mt Cerro
1923 8c salpink issue=1922 d=Mercury on globe wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
6/25/1923 8c rosered d=lapwing wmk=caduceus
7/26/1924 8c rose issue=1924 d=lapwing 1st redrawing wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
1926 8c pink issue=1926 d=lapwing 3rd redrawing wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
official 2/22/1927 8c issue=1926 official d=Vanellus chilensis wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
5/25/1927 8c dkbl d=Montevideo Post Office wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
9/8/1927 8c rose issue=1927 d=lapwing 4th redrawing wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
official 1928 8c issue=1928 official d=Vanellus chilensis wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
5/1/1928 8c dkbl issue=1928 d=Artigas (1928) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
7/29/1928 8c ultra d=symbols of soccer victory wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
8/25/1928 8c bl d=Garzon wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 1929 8c redorg issue=1929 air d=Pegasus (1929)
airmail 1930 8c gray issue=1929 air d=Pegasus (1929)
6/16/1930 8c rosered issue=independence 100th d=Liberty with torch wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
4/11/1931 8c red d=Sun wmk=Greek border & REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY imperf
1933 8c brn issue=1928 d=Artigas (1928) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
8/3/1933 8c dlred d=flag of the race wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
8/28/1933 8c red issue=3rd National Assembly d=sower (1933) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
late fee 5/18/1936 8c car d=steamship & sailing ship wmk=crossed keys in sheet
airmail 1937 8c issue=1937 air b d=dam (1937)
postage due 2/26/1938 8c rose issue=1938 due wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 9/28/1939 8c ltgrn issue=Rio Negro Dam wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
1/3/1940 8c rosered issue=1939 d=Artigas (1939) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
postage due 5/6/1940 8c car issue=1940 due wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 1943 8c grn issue=1929 air d=Pegasus (1929)
1944 8c salpink issue=1940 d=Artigas (1940) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 10/31/1945 8c grn d=La Eolo wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 1946 8c carred issue=1946 air
airmail 1947 8c carrose issue=1947 air d=Four-motored plane
1948 8c red issue=1948 d=Artigas (1940) wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
1/7/1952 8c rose&blk issue=Artigas death 100th wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
1/14/1954 8c car&ultra issue=1954 wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
airmail 2/18/1959 8c issue=fallen aviators d=Monument Winged Goddess wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY

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