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60c denom (#11107)

  • Colnect-802-961-King-Victor-Emanuel-II-by-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-4393-987-Number-within-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-1937-162-Italy-Stamps-Overprint--ESTERO-.jpg
  • Colnect-2763-689-Effigy-of-Umberto-I-within-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-1627-525-Segnatasse.jpg
  • Colnect-5782-787-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-to-the-left.jpg
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  • Colnect-1937-016-Costituente-Fiumana.jpg
  • Colnect-1703-512-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-to-the-left-overprinted.jpg
  • Colnect-166-397-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-within-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-1937-026-Costituente-Fiumana-1922.jpg
  • Colnect-166-389-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-within-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-166-496-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-to-the-left.jpg
  • Colnect-1772-909-Overprint-SASENO.jpg
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  • Colnect-1692-353-Italian-occupation-1923-issue.jpg
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  • STS-Castellorizo-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-263x318at1534-837.jpg
  • Colnect-166-567-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-to-the-left.jpg
  • Colnect-1945-662-Overprint--Regno-d%C2%B4Italia.jpg
  • Colnect-594-689-Overprint--Annessione-All%C2%B4Italia-.jpg
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  • Colnect-830-021-Portrait-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III.jpg
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  • Colnect-187-823-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-within-an-oval.jpg
  • Colnect-166-746-Effigy-of-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-to-the-left.jpg
  • Colnect-166-735-St-Francis-of-Assisi.jpg
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  • Colnect-1628-358-2nd-International-Exhibition-of-Colonial-Art-in-Naples.jpg
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  • Colnect-168-260-Effigy-of-King-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-in-front.jpg
  • Colnect-871-547-Effigy-of-King-Vittorio-Emanuele-III-in-front.jpg
  • Colnect-1698-308-Allied-Occupation-of-Venetia-Giulia.jpg
  • Colnect-168-272-Peasant-grafting-a-tree.jpg
Desc: 60c

Currency: Italian lira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 3600

Users of this denom: Italian occupation of Austria (1 stamp, 1918), Castellorizo (2 stamps, 1922-1924), Corfu (1 stamp, 1923), Cyrenaica (5 stamps, 1925-1934), Fiume (5 stamps, 1921-1924), Italy (26 stamps, 1863-1945), Italian Social Republic (1 stamp, 1944), Rhodes (2 stamps, 1934), Italy, AMG (1 stamp, 1943), Italian offices abroad (1 stamp, 1874), Venezia Giulia (2 stamps, 1945), Libya (6 stamps, 1915-1941), Saseno (1 stamp, 1923), Tripolitania (4 stamps, 1925-1934), Vatican City (1 stamp, 1931)

Used by 59 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Italy 12/1/1863 60c lil issue=1863 d=King Victor Emanuel II wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italy postage due 1870 60c buff&mag issue=1870 due d=numeral (1870 Italy) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italian offices abroad 1874 60c vio issue=1874 d=Victor Emmanuel II ovpt=ESTERO oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-60c-vio-Victor Emmanuel II-unissued
Italy 8/1/1889 60c vio issue=1889 dt=King Humbert I (1889) d=King Humbert I (1889 60c) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Libya postage due 11/1915 60c org&car issue=1915 due wmk=crown (Italy)
Italy 1917 60c car issue=1906 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italian occupation of Austria 1918 60c car issue=1918b d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=Venezia//Giulia oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-1917-60c wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Libya 1918 60c car issue=1912 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=Libia oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-1917-60c-car wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Fiume 4/24/1921 60c carrose issue=1st constituent assembly d=Venetian galley ovpt=24-IV-1921//Costituente Fiumana oc=blk on=5/18/1919-60c+5cor
Castellorizo 1922 60c car issue=1922 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=CASTELROSSO(horiz) oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-1917-60c-car wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Fiume 1922 60c carrose issue=2nd constituent assembly d=Venetian galley ovpt=1922 oc=blk on=4/24/1921-60c
Italy special delivery 1922 60c issue=ESPRESSO d=Effigy of Vittorio Emanuele III within an oval perf=14
Italy special delivery 1/9/1922 60c d=Effigy of Vittorio Emanuele III within an oval perf=14
Italy 1923 60c bl issue=1906 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Saseno 1923 60c car issue=1923 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=SASENO oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-1917-60c-car wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Fiume 3/23/1923 60c rose issue=1923 d=St Vitus
Corfu 9/20/1923 60c bl issue=1923a d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=CORFU oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-issue=1906-60c-bl wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Castellorizo 1924 60c car issue=1924 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=CASTELROSSO(diagonal) oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-1917-60c-car wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Libya 1924 60c dpbl issue=sibyl d=Libyan Sibyl (1924) perf=14
Italy 2/16/1924 60c bl d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) ovpt=CROCIERA//ITALIANA//1924 oc=blk on=1923-60c-bl wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Fiume 2/22/1924 60c rose issue=regno d=St Vitus ovpt=frame(REGNO//D'ITALIA) oc=blk on=1923-60c-rose
Fiume 3/1/1924 60c rose issue=annexation d=St Vitus ovpt=frame(ANNESSIONE//ALL'ITALIA)//22 Febb. 1924 oc=blk on=1923-60c-rose
Cyrenaica 1925 60c brncar issue=Victor Emmanuel accession 25th d=Victor Emmanuel III (1925) ovpt=CIRENAICA oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-issue=Victor Emmanuel accession 25th-60c perf=14
Italy 1925 60c brncar issue=Victor Emmanuel accession 25th d=Victor Emmanuel III (1925) perf=14
Italy postage due 1925 60c buff&brn issue=1870 due d=numeral (1870 Italy) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Tripolitania 1925 60c d=Victor Emmanuel ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-60c-Victor Emmanuel
Libya postage due 1925 60c org&brn
Italy 1926 60c brnorg issue=1906 d=Victor Emmanuel III (facing left) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italy airmail 1926 60c gray issue=1926 air d=Effigy of Vittorio Emanuele III within an oval perf=14
Italy 1/30/1926 60c redbrn issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th perf=14
Cyrenaica 4/12/1926 60c redbrn issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th ovpt=CIRENAICA oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th-60c perf=14
Tripolitania 4/12/1926 60c issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-60c
Italy 3/17/1927 60c choc issue=Volta d=Portrait of Alessandro Volta perf=14
Tripolitania airmail 1931 60c redorg issue=1931a d=airplane over Leptis ruins
Vatican City postage due 1931 60c olbrn issue=1931 due d=Pope Pius XI (1929) ovpt=CENT. 60//SEGNATASSE oc=blk on=8/1/1929-2l-olbrn perf=14
Cyrenaica airmail 1/7/1932 60c orgred issue=1932 air a perf=14
Cyrenaica airmail 5/12/1932 60c orgred issue=1932 air b perf=14
Italy 10/27/1932 60c redbrn issue=Fascist government 10th d=works of reclamation wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italy postage due 1934 60c slblk d=arms of Italy (1934 due) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Rhodes postage due 1934 60c
Libya postage due 3/12/1934 60c issue=1934 due
Rhodes parcel post 7/1/1934 60c blk issue=1934 parcel wmk=crown (Italy)
Tripolitania 10/16/1934 60c d=village scene with date palms
Cyrenaica 10/16/1934 60c redbrn issue=2nd Colonial Arts Exhibition d=carabineer perf=14
Italy airmail 10/15/1935 60c red issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Vincenzo Bellini wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Italy airmail 7/1/1936 60c red issue=Horace 2000th wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
Libya airmail 1941 60c orgred issue=1941 Tripolitania overprints
Italy, AMG 1943 60c orgyel&blk issue=Sicily d=numeral (1943 AMG) perf=11
Italian Social Republic postage due 4/1/1944 60c dkbl issue=1944 due wmk=crown (Italy)
Italy 1945 60c redorg issue=Empire no fasces a d=Italia (1945) perf=14
(plus 9 more) (See all uses as list)

Used by 26 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Italy-issue=Victor Emmanuel accession 25th-60c
issuer=Italy-issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th-60c
issuer=Italy-60c-vio-Victor Emmanuel II-unissued
issuer=Italy-issue=Empire no fasces b-60c
issuer=Italy-60c-Victor Emmanuel
issuer=Italy-type=postage due-1934-60c
issuer=Vatican City-1931-60c