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30c denom (#11487)

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Desc: 30c

Currency: Costa Rican colón (100c=1col)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Equivalent denoms: 0.30col (1)

Users of this denom: Costa Rica (25 stamps, 1903-1973)

Used by 25 stamps of Costa Rica: (See all uses as list)

postage due 9/1/1903 30c brn&blk issue=1903 due d=numeral perf=14
9/15/1921 30c issue=Central American independence 100th perf=11.5
1925 30c org d=map of Costa Rica oc=blk on=1923-40c-org perf=12
1926 30c org issue=1926 d=Normal School, Heredia perf=12.5
official 1926 30c redorg&blk perf=12.5
airmail 1930 30c ultra oc=blk on=50c-ultra-unissued
8/1935 30c org issue=patron saint 300th perf=12.5
airmail 12/17/1940 30c issue=Pan-American Aviation Day
airmail 5/8/1941 30c ultra issue=Central American and Caribbean Football Championship 1941 perf=12.5
airmail 8/26/1941 30c ltbl issue=university airmail perf=12
airmail 5/13/1946 30c yel issue=1946 air a
airmail 6/23/1946 30c dkorg&blk issue=100th Anniversary of San Juan de Dios Hospital d=San Juan de Dios Hospital
airmail 5/20/1947 30c ultra&blk issue=1947 Columbus d=Columbus at Cariari
airmail 8/26/1947 30c carrose issue=Roosevelt memorial
11/10/1947 30c dkbl issue=400th Anniversary of the Birth of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra wmk=mult star in shield
airmail 7/27/1950 30c vio&blk issue=National Agriculture and Industries Fair
airmail 9/1/1954 30c pur&blk issue=1954 air dt=national industries perf=13
airmail 6/21/1957 30c vio issue=War of 1856-7 100th
airmail 10/24/1961 30c bl issue=United Nations Day 1961 perf=11.5
airmail 9/12/1962 30c bl issue=2nd Central American Philatelic Convention perf=11.5
airmail 1/23/1963 30c olgrn&brn dt=mammals (1963) d=Leopardus pardalis (1963) perf=13.5
airmail 12/7/1963 30c rosevio&dkbrn issue=Presidential Reunion, San Jose d=Rivera (Salvador) perf=14.5
airmail 3/11/1964 30c perf=14.5
airmail 12/1/1967 30c redbrn dt=churches and cathedrals (1967) perf=12.5
airmail 7/16/1973 30c brncar dt=churches and cathedrals (1973) perf=12.5