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1/2c denom (#11628)

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Desc: 1/2c

Currency: Dutch guilder (100c=1gld=1g)

Numerical sorting value: 30

Users of this denom: Netherlands (8 stamps, 1869-1928)

Used by 8 stamps of Netherlands: (See all uses as list)

1869 1/2c redbrn d=arms of the Netherlands (1869) perf=13.25
1876 1/2c rose d=numeral (1876 Netherlands)
postage due 1896 1/2c dkbl&blk issue=1896 due d=numeral (1881 Netherlands)
1898 1/2c vio issue=1898 d=numeral (1898 Netherlands) perf=12.5
3/23/1907 1/2c bl issue=de Ruyter 300th d=Admiral de Ruyter & fleet perf=12x12.5
postage due 11/1/1907 1/2c cl issue=1907 due d=Admiral de Ruyter & fleet ovpt=PORTZEGEL//value on=issue=de Ruyter 300th-1c perf=12x12.5
postage due 1912 1/2c paleultra issue=1912 due d=numeral (1881 Netherlands) perf=12.5
1928 1/2c gray issue=1926 d=gull wmk=circles

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