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2fr denom (#12032)

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Desc: 2fr

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Equivalent denoms: 2.00fr, 200c

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (21 stamps, 1928-1975)

Used by 21 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

11/12/1928 2fr dkrd issue=Prince Johann II reign 70th perf=12.5
7/1/1930 2fr dkgrn&redbrn issue=1930 d=Prince Franz I & Princess Elsa perf=12.5
airmail 6/1/1931 2fr blblk issue=Zeppelin d=zeppelin over Valuna Valley perf=11.5
8/19/1935 2fr brnred issue=60th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Elsa d=Princess Elsa (1935) perf=12.5
airmail 5/1/1936 2fr vio issue=1936 air d=airship Graf Zeppelin (1936) perf=11.75
7/30/1938 2fr d=Rheinberger sheet perf=12.5
airmail 4/3/1939 2fr dkvio issue=1939 air dt=Birds d=Gypaetus barbatus
12/18/1939 2fr dkgrn issue=Francis Joseph II & arms d=arms of families perf=12.5
4/22/1942 2fr blkvio issue=separation 600th d=Scene of Homage 1718 perf=12.5
9/6/1943 2fr olbrn dt=reclamation d=Harvesting Crops perf=12.5
1944 2fr brn issue=1944b d=Prince perf=12.5
12/10/1947 2fr blk issue=Princess Elsa memorial d=Princess Elsa (1935) perf=12.5
airmail 1948 2fr roselake dt=pioneers of flight (1948) d=S.A. Andree perf=11.75
11/20/1951 2fr dkbl wmk=crown&initials perf=12.5
4/5/1955 2fr d=Prince Franz Joseph II (1955) perf=12.5
12/6/1960 2fr dkgraybl issue=1960 d=Princess Georgina (1960) perf=12.5
1961 2fr issue=minnesingers d=Der Tannhaeuser perf=12.5
official 8/29/1968 2fr lilbrn&red issue=1968 official
12/5/1968 2fr issue=patron saints dt=patron saints d=St Luzius perf=12.5
6/8/1972 2fr issue=Stampexhibition LIBA perf=13.75
6/5/1975 2fr issue=Treasures of the Holy Roman Empire dt=treasures of the Holy Roman Empire perf=14

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