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10p denom (#12209)

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Desc: 10p

Currency: Southern Rhodesia pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Users of this denom: Northern Rhodesia (1 stamp, 1925), Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) (3 stamps, 1909-1913), Southern Rhodesia (3 stamps, 1924-1937)

Used by 7 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1909 10p pur issue=1909 d=arms of BSAC (1898 b) ovpt=RHODESIA. oc=blk on=issue=1898-3sh
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 11/11/1910 10p d=Queen Mary & King George V (1910)
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1913 10p d=King George V (1913 Rhodesia)
Southern Rhodesia 4/1/1924 10p car&dkbl issue=1924 d=King George V as admiral (1924)
Northern Rhodesia 4/1/1925 10p olgrn issue=1925 d=King George V & giraffe & elephants
Southern Rhodesia 1933 10p car&ultra issue=1931 d=King George V (1931)
Southern Rhodesia 11/25/1937 10p vio issue=1937 d=King George VI (1937 Southern Rhodesia)

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom:
issuer=Southern Rhodesia-1933-10p