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2p denom (#12289)

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Desc: 2p

Currency: Tongan pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Users of this denom: Tonga (21 stamps, 1886-1963)

Used by 21 stamps of Tonga: (See all uses as list)

8/27/1886 2p vio issue=1886 d=George Tupou I
11/23/1891 2p vio d=George Tupou I ovpt=stars oc=blk on=1886-2p-vio
11/10/1892 2p olgray issue=1892 d=George Tupou I
official 2/13/1893 2p ultra issue=1893 official a
6/1897 2p bis&blk issue=1897 d=King George Tupou II wmk=turtles
1920 2p vio&blk issue=1920 d=Queen Salote wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p dkvio d=Maroon Shining-parrot Prosopeia tabuensis oc=blk on=1897-2sh6p wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p red&blk d=Vavau oc=blk on=1897-5sh wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p d=View of Haabai oc=blk on=1897-2sh wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p d=King George Tupou II oc=blk on=1897-1sh wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p d=King George Tupou II oc=blk on=1897-10p wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p d=King George Tupou II oc=blk on=1897-7 1/2p wmk=turtles
10/20/1923 2p d=King George Tupou II oc=blk on=1897-5p wmk=turtles
10/12/1938 2p issue=Queen Salote accession 20th wmk=turtles
1942 2p dlvio&blk issue=1942 d=Queen Salote wmk=mult crown & script CA
1/25/1944 2p pur&blk issue=Queen Salote accession 25th wmk=mult crown & script CA
7/1/1953 2p blk&blgrn issue=1953 d=canoe & schooners wmk=mult crown & script CA
12/1/1961 2p issue=postal service 75th wmk=mult crown & script CA
airmail official 2/7/1962 2p bl issue=100th Anniversary of Emancipation wmk=mult crown & script CA
7/15/1963 2p dkbl issue=First Polynesian Gold Coinage wmk=mult crown & script CA
9/10/1963 2p blk&red issue=Red Cross 100th d=Queen Salote & Red Cross wmk=mult crown & script CA

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