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3p denom (#13207)

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Desc: 3p

Currency: Southern Rhodesia pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 180

Users of this denom: British occupation of German East Africa (1 stamp, 1916), Northern Rhodesia (10 stamps, 1925-1964), Nyasaland Protectorate (14 stamps, 1908-1964), Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) (9 stamps, 1891-1913), Southern Rhodesia (12 stamps, 1924-1964)

Used by 46 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1891 3p gray&grn issue=1890 d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1896 3p redbrn&ultra issue=1896a d=arms of BSAC (1896)
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 4/1896 3p yelorg issue=1896b d=arms of BSAC (1890 a) oc=blk on=1890-5sh-yelorg
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 5/22/1896 3p cl issue=1896c d=Hope seated var=no frame line ovpt=BRITISH//SOUTH AFRICA//COMPANY. oc=blk on=issuer=Cape of Good Hope-3p-cl-wmk=crown & CA wmk=crown & CA
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1897 3p redbrn&ultra d=arms of BSAC (1897) var=end between legs
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1908 3p cl issue=1898 d=arms of BSAC (1898 a)
Nyasaland Protectorate 7/22/1908 3p vio pc=yel issue=1908 d=King Edward VII & crown wmk=mult crown & CA
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1909 3p cl issue=1909 d=arms of BSAC (1898 a) ovpt=RHODESIA. oc=blk on=issue=1898-3p
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 11/11/1910 3p yelbis&viobrn d=Queen Mary & King George V (1910)
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) 1913 3p yel&blk d=King George V (1913 Rhodesia)
Nyasaland Protectorate 4/1/1913 3p pur pc=yel issue=1913 d=King George V (1912 common) wmk=mult crown & CA
British occupation of German East Africa 1916 3p vio pc=yel issue=NF d=King Edward VII & crown ovpt=N.F. oc=blk on=issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-3p-vio wmk=mult crown & CA
Nyasaland Protectorate 1921 3p pur pc=yel issue=1921 d=King George V (1912 common) wmk=mult crown & script CA
Southern Rhodesia 4/1/1924 3p dpbl issue=1924 d=King George V as admiral (1924)
Northern Rhodesia 4/1/1925 3p ultra issue=1925 d=King George V & giraffe & elephants
Northern Rhodesia postage due 1929 3p blk
Southern Rhodesia 4/1/1931 3p dkbl issue=1931 d=Victoria Falls (1931)
Southern Rhodesia 5/1932 3p dkbl d=Victoria Falls larger
Nyasaland Protectorate 6/1934 3p bl issue=1934 d=King George V & leopard on rock wmk=mult crown & script CA
Northern Rhodesia 5/6/1935 3p viobl&redbrn issue=Silver Jubilee d=Windsor Castle & King George V
Nyasaland Protectorate 5/6/1935 3p issue=Silver Jubilee d=Windsor Castle & King George V wmk=mult crown & script CA
Southern Rhodesia 5/6/1935 3p bl&vio issue=Silver Jubilee d=Victoria Falls & King George V
Northern Rhodesia 5/12/1937 3p dpultra issue=Coronation d=Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
Southern Rhodesia 5/12/1937 3p dkbl&vio issue=Coronation d=Queen Elizabeth & Victoria Falls & railroad bridge & King George VI
Southern Rhodesia 1938 3p dpbl d=Victoria Falls Postage&Revenue perf=14
Nyasaland Protectorate 1/1/1938 3p dkbl issue=1938 d=King George VI & leopard on rock wmk=mult crown & script CA
Northern Rhodesia 3/1/1938 3p ultra issue=1938 d=King George VI & giraffe & elephants
Southern Rhodesia 6/3/1940 3p dkbl&dkgray issue=50th Anniversary of British South Africa Company d=Rhodes makes peace with natives
Nyasaland Protectorate 9/1/1945 3p bl&blk issue=George VI pictorials d=fishing village, Lake Nyasa wmk=mult crown & script CA
Southern Rhodesia 5/8/1947 3p bl issue=Peace d=Princess Elizabeth (1947 Southern Rhodesia)
Northern Rhodesia 10/10/1949 3p ind issue=UPU 75th
Southern Rhodesia 10/10/1949 3p bl issue=UPU 75th
Nyasaland Protectorate 11/21/1949 3p issue=UPU 75th wmk=mult crown & script CA
Nyasaland Protectorate postage due 7/1/1950 3p d=numeral (1923) wmk=mult crown & script CA
Southern Rhodesia postage due 1951 3p vio d=numeral (1914 Great Britain) ovpt=SOUTHERN//RHODESIA oc=blk on=issuer=Great Britain-1938-3d wmk=crown & GVIR perf=14x15
Nyasaland Protectorate 5/15/1951 3p d=arms of British Central Africa & King George VI & badge of Nyasaland wmk=mult crown & script CA
Northern Rhodesia 12/1/1951 3p scar issue=1938 d=King George VI & giraffe & elephants
Southern Rhodesia 8/31/1953 3p rose&chocbrn issue=Elizabeth II pictorials
Nyasaland Protectorate 9/1/1953 3p issue=Elizabeth II pictorials d=tobacco & Queen Elizabeth II wmk=mult crown & script CA
Northern Rhodesia 9/15/1953 3p car issue=1953 d=Queen Elizabeth II & giraffe & elephants
Nyasaland Protectorate revenue 1955 3p dkultra d=Queen Elizabeth II & badge
Nyasaland Protectorate 11/1/1963 3p dkultra issue=1963 d=Queen Elizabeth II & badge ovpt=POSTAGE//bars oc=blk on=type=revenue-3p
Northern Rhodesia 12/1/1963 3p org&multi d=arms of Northern Rhodesia & Queen Elizabeth II
Northern Rhodesia postage due 1964 3p
Nyasaland Protectorate 1/1/1964 3p issue=1964 d=groundnuts wmk=mult crown & script CA
Southern Rhodesia 2/19/1964 3p turqbl&brn issue=1964 d=kudu (1964)

Used by 12 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)-issue=1898-3p
issuer=Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)-1891-3p
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-3p-vio
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-type=revenue-3p
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-1908-3p
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-1934-3p
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-1953-3p
issuer=Nyasaland Protectorate-1963-3p
issuer=Southern Rhodesia-issue=1964-3p
issuer=Southern Rhodesia-1931-3p
issuer=Southern Rhodesia-1935-3p
issuer=Southern Rhodesia-1947-3p