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40c denom (#13589)

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Desc: 40c

Currency: Chilean peso (100c=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 2400

Users of this denom: Chile (34 stamps, 1894-1952)

Used by 34 stamps of Chile: (See all uses as list)

postage due 10/12/1894 40c blk issue=1894 due d=Brownish paper perf=13
postage due 1/1/1895 40c red issue=1895 due perf=11
postage due 1896 40c red issue=1896 due perf=13.5
1912 40c vio&blk issue=1912 d=Prieto perf=12
1921 40c dkvio&blk d=Manuel Rengifo (1921) perf=VARIOUS
4/25/1923 40c dkvio&blk d=Pan-American Congress building
postage due 2/1/1924 40c bl&red issue=1924 due
1928 40c dkvio&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Manuel Rengifo (1921) wmk=mult star in shield
airmail 1928 40c dkvio&blk issue=1928 air a d=Manuel Rengifo (1921) on=issue=1928 Chile Correos-40c wmk=mult star in shield
airmail 1934 40c blblk issue=1934 air wmk=mult star in shield
3/1/1936 40c issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Lonquimay forest wmk=mult star in shield perf=14
1939 40c grn issue=1938 d=copper mine wmk=mult star in shield
9/11/1940 40c grn&yelgrn issue=Pan-American Union 50th d=Globe with North & South America wmk=mult star in shield perf=14
airmail 1941 40c redbrn issue=1941 air wmk=mult star in shield perf=14
airmail 1941 40c ultra issue=1941 air wmk=mult star in shield perf=14
1/23/1941 40c dpgrn issue=Santiago 400th d=Pedro de Valdivia (1941) wmk=mult star in shield
airmail 1942 40c ultra issue=1942 air perf=14
airmail 1942 40c redbrn issue=1942 air perf=14
1942 40c grn issue=1942 d=copper mine
11/1/1942 40c dpgrn issue=University of Chile 100th d=Andres Bello
3/2/1944 40c yelgrn issue=Straits of Magellan occupation 100th d=Diego Duble Almeida perf=14
10/18/1944 40c issue=Red Cross 80th d=Red Cross & lamp perf=14
1945 40c dpgrn&blk issue=Bernardo O'Higgins death 100th d=abdication
9/10/1945 40c ltgrn issue=America discovery 450th d=Colon Lighthouse Discovery of America perf=14
8/7/1946 40c dkgrn issue=Bello death 80th d=Andres Bello perf=14
5/12/1947 40c issue=Antarctic claim d=Map Showing Chile’s Claims of Antarctic Territory perf=14.5
9/18/1947 40c issue=national anthem 100th d=Eusebio Lillo & Ramon Carnicer perf=14.5
10/11/1947 40c issue=Cervantes 400th d=Miguel de Cervantes perf=14.5
12/24/1947 40c bl issue=Prat 100th d=Prat
airmail 1950 40c pur issue=1950 air perf=14
airmail 1951 40c pur issue=1951 air b perf=14
9/1952 40c blk d=O'Higgins (1950) oc=blk on=1950-60c-blk
9/1952 40c blk d=O'Higgins (1948) oc=blk on=1948-60c-blk wmk=mult star in shield
airmail 9/19/1952 40c dkol