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20c denom (#14704)

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Desc: 20c

Currency: Sammarinese lira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 1200

Equivalent denoms: 0.20l (1)

Users of this denom: San Marino (27 stamps, 1877-1971)

Used by 27 stamps of San Marino: (See all uses as list)

8/1/1877 20c ver issue=1877 d=arms of San Marino (1877) wmk=crown (Italy)
1895 20c lil issue=1877 d=arms of San Marino (1877) wmk=crown (Italy)
4/1/1903 20c brnorg issue=1903 d=Mt. Titano wmk=crown (Italy)
semipostal 1918 20c issue=1918 semi d=Liberty (1918) perf=14
3/15/1918 20c d=arms of San Marino (1907 b) oc=blk on=1907-15c wmk=crown (Italy)
semipostal 12/12/1918 20c issue=Italian victory d=Liberty (1918) ovpt=3//Novembre//1918//bars oc=blk on=issue=1918 semi-20c perf=14
10/31/1921 20c brn issue=1903 d=Mt. Titano wmk=crown (Italy)
1922 20c dpbrn issue=1899 d=statue of Liberty (San Marino) wmk=crown (Italy)
4/8/1925 20c blgrn issue=1903 d=Mt. Titano wmk=crown (Italy)
7/29/1926 20c olgrn&blk issue=1926 Onofri dt=portrait (1926) d=Antonio Onofri perf=11
4/1/1929 20c issue=1929 d=Citadel La Rocca wmk=three plumes
postage due 5/18/1931 20c issue=1931 due oc=blk on=5c
postage due 5/18/1931 20c issue=1931 due oc=blk on=10c
postage due 5/18/1931 20c issue=1931 due oc=blk on=30c
2/4/1932 20c dkgrn d=post office (1932) wmk=three plumes
6/16/1932 20c dkgrn d=electric railroad wmk=three plumes
7/30/1932 20c dkpur issue=Garibaldi death 50th wmk=three plumes
2/7/1935 20c issue=Sammarinese Fascist Party 12th wmk=three plumes
4/15/1935 20c issue=Melchiorre Delfico death 100th d=Delfico wmk=three plumes
postage due 5/1/1939 20c bl&dkbrn issue=1925 due d=numeral (1897 San Marino) wmk=crown (Italy)
1942 20c issue=Arbe d=Flags of San Marino & Italy on Arbe tower wmk=crown (Italy)
1943 20c ultra issue=fascism 20th unissued d=20th Anniversary of Fasci of San Marino - Not Issued wmk=crown (Italy)
4/12/1943 20c purbrn issue=newspaper wmk=crown (Italy)
8/27/1943 20c issue=Luglio wmk=crown (Italy)
8/27/1943 20c issue=provisional government wmk=crown (Italy)
1945 20c issue=1945 d=arms of Montegiardino wmk=winged wheel
3/23/1971 20c issue=save Venice dt=Canaletto paintings d=dock by Canaletto perf=14

Used by 6 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=San Marino-issue=Arbe-20c
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-20c
issuer=San Marino-20c
issuer=San Marino-1877-20c-ver
issuer=San Marino-1903-20c-brnorg
issuer=San Marino-2/4/1932-20c