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3o denom (#1477)

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Desc: 3o

Currency: Danish krone (100o=1dkr=1kr=1k)

Numerical sorting value: 180

Users of this denom: Denmark (8 stamps, 1875-1914)

Used by 8 stamps of Denmark: (See all uses as list)

1875 3o graybl&gray issue=1875 d=numeral (1870 Denmark) wmk=crown a perf=14x13.5
official 1875 3o vio d=state arms of Denmark perf=14x13.5
1895 3o bl&gray issue=1895 d=numeral (1870 Denmark) wmk=crown a perf=13
official 1902 3o redlil d=state arms of Denmark
7/1905 3o gray issue=1905 numeral d=numeral (1905) wmk=crown b perf=13
official 1906 3o issue=1902 official d=state arms of Denmark
1913 3o gray issue=1913a d=numeral (1905) wmk=mult crosses perf=14x14.5
official 1914 3o gray issue=1914 official d=state arms of Denmark wmk=mult crosses perf=14x14.5

Used by 4 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Denmark-issue=1914 official-3o-gray