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2.20fr denom (#15238)

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  • Colnect-133-143-Rainbow-by-Eiichi-Minami.jpg
  • Colnect-133-174-H%C3%B4lfe-District-Balzers.jpg
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Desc: 2.20fr

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 13200

Equivalent denoms: 220c (4)

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (23 stamps, 1998-2019)

Used by 23 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

9/7/1998 2.20fr issue=Old Crafts dt=old crafts d=Wooden shoesmakers tools clog perf=11.75
5/9/2000 2.20fr issue=Freedom 2000 - Art by Mouth and Foot Painters d=Rainbow by Eiichi Minami
6/5/2001 2.20fr issue=Village Scenes dt=Village Scenes d=Hôlfe District Balzers perf=11.75
12/3/2001 2.20fr issue=Modern Art 2001 dt=Modern Art (2001) d=Abstract Art by Gottfried Honegger perf=11.5
3/3/2003 2.20fr issue=Viticulture in Spring d=Hoeing
9/1/2003 2.20fr d=white storks in the Rhine Valley
9/6/2004 2.20fr issue=Old Buildins and Preservation of Picturesque Environment, Ruggell II d=House on Unterdorfstrasse
11/22/2004 2.20fr issue=Fossils from Liechtenstein dt=Fossils from Liechtenstein d=Shark's Tooth fossil
3/7/2005 2.20fr issue=Austria-Liechtenstein Joint issue 2005 d=Venus in Front of the Mirror, by Rubens
9/5/2005 2.20fr issue=Old Buildings and Preservation of Picturesque Environment d=Gamprin-Bendern - Site of Oath
3/6/2006 2.20fr issue=Austria-Liechtenstein Joint issue 2006 d=Lost in Her Dreams, by von Amerling
9/3/2007 2.20fr issue=Liechtenstein Upland Pastures III d=Guschgfiel
6/2/2008 2.20fr issue=150th Anniversary of the Schellenberg Convent perf=12.75x13.5
11/17/2008 2.20fr issue=Technical Innovations from Liechtenstein III d=Presta Deltavalve control
6/8/2009 2.20fr issue=100 Years of Club Alpin d=Rappastein perf=13.5
11/15/2010 2.20fr issue=Liechtenstein Museum of Art d=Marisa Merz - Testa perf=14.5x13.75
6/6/2011 2.20fr issue=Butterflies 2011 dt=butterflies (2011 Liechtenstein) d=Inachis io
2/1/2012 2.20fr issue=100th Anniversary of Liechtenstein Stamps d=Franz Josef II
2/1/2012 2.20fr issue=100th Anniversary of Liechtenstein Stamps d=Franz Josef II imperf
6/6/2017 2.20fr issue=50th Anniversary of Golden Wedding perf=14.25x14.75
6/11/2018 2.20fr issue=50th birthday of Prince Alois
6/3/2019 2.20fr issue=500th Anniversary of the Death of Leonardo da Vinci
9/2/2019 2.20fr issue=Princely Treasures - Sculptures of Antico