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35pf denom (#1590)

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Desc: 35pf

Currency: Danzig gulden (100pf=1g)

Numerical sorting value: 2100

Users of this denom: Danzig (3 stamps, 1925-1930)

Used by 3 stamps of Danzig: (See all uses as list)

1925 35pf issue=1924
official 1925 35pf issue=1924 official ovpt=Dienst-//marke(script) oc=blk on=issue=1924-35pf
11/15/1930 35pf issue=Free City 10th ovpt=1920//15. November//1930 oc=blk on=35pf-ultra

All are ultra d=arms of Danzig (1924) wmk=webbing perf=14

Used by 2 stampdescs as denom: