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3.00fr denom (#18432)

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Desc: 3.00fr

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 18000

Equivalent denoms: 3fr

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (7 stamps, 1983-2008)

Used by 7 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

9/5/1983 3.00fr perf=11.75
6/5/1990 3.00fr perf=11.75
9/2/1991 3.00fr issue=Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie d=Princess Marie
6/3/2002 3.00fr issue=The Liechtenstein Royal Couple perf=13.75x13.5
11/25/2002 3.00fr issue=Inn Signs dt=inn signs (2002) d='Eagle', Bendern
11/21/2005 3.00fr issue=Liechtenstein from Above d=Naafkopf (2005) perf=13.5
3/3/2008 3.00fr dt=Liechtenstein's Upland Pastures d=Güschgle perf=13.5x14.5

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