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2.60fr denom (#19242)

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Desc: 2.60fr

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 15600

Equivalent denoms: 260c

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (12 stamps, 2007-2018)

Used by 12 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

6/4/2007 2.60fr issue=Liechtenstein from Above d=Fields perf=13.5
3/3/2008 2.60fr dt=Liechtenstein's Upland Pastures d=Guschg perf=13.5x14.5
11/16/2009 2.60fr issue=Contemporary Architecture II d=Art Museum, Vaduz
3/1/2010 2.60fr issue=Contemporary Architecture III d=Gas Station, Valduz perf=13.5
6/7/2010 2.60fr issue=Butterflies II dt=butterflies (2010 Liechtenstein) d=Swallowtail Butterfly
3/14/2011 2.60fr issue=Decorative Eggs from the Realms of the Tsars dt=decorative eggs
6/6/2011 2.60fr dt=Children of the Hereditary Prince & Princess d=Prince Joseph Wenzel perf=13.5
11/14/2011 2.60fr issue=Castles of Liechtenstein dt=castles of Liechtenstein d=Vaduz
6/14/2012 2.60fr issue=300th Anniversary Liechtenstein Oberland d=Flags of Triesen Balzers
3/4/2013 2.60fr issue=Mathematics d=Quotients of adjacent Fibonacci numbers
11/11/2013 2.60fr issue=Winter Olympics 2014 d=Sochi perf=13.5
3/5/2018 2.60fr issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Gustav Klimt

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