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100rp denom (#2712)

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Desc: 100rp

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 6000

Equivalent denoms: 1.00fr, 100, 100c, 1fr

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (3 stamps, 1941-1982)

Used by 3 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

12/18/1941 100rp grayblk dt=portraits (1941) d=Anton Florian perf=12.5
7/5/1943 100rp dkol dt=princes (1943) d=Franz I perf=12.5
9/20/1982 100rp issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Moritz Menzinger

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