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35pia denom (#27232)

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Desc: 35pia

Currency: Lebanese pound (10000c=100pia=100p=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 3500

Equivalent denoms: 35p (25)

Users of this denom: Lebanon (14 stamps, 1967-1978)

Used by 14 stamps of Lebanon: (See all uses as list)

10/1/1967 35pia issue=International Tourist Year d=Temple of Baal - Tyre
airmail 1/15/1971 35pia issue=10th International Fencing Championships d=Foil fencing perf=12
airmail 2/15/1971 35pia issue=New U.P.U. Headquarters Building, Bern perf=12
airmail 3/25/1971 35pia issue=Progress d=Temple of Bziza perf=12
airmail 8/21/1971 35pia issue=2nd Anniversary of Burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem d=Wooden Console from Al-Aqsa Mosque perf=12
airmail 6/1/1973 35pia dt=Lebanese houses d=House with balcony perf=14
airmail 12/1/1973 35pia dt=Lebanese handicrafts d=Glass blower perf=12
airmail 11/5/1974 35pia issue=11th Arab Scout Jamboree d=Flags of partecipating nations perf=12
airmail 12/13/1974 35pia dt=objects from Hermel excavations d=Greco-Roman tomb
airmail 12/16/1974 35pia issue=International Book Year d=UNESCO emblem globe
airmail 12/23/1974 35pia issue=Olympics 1972 d=running (1974)
airmail 12/27/1974 35pia issue=25th Anniversary of UNICEF d=Emblem - kindergarten class
airmail 8/20/1975 35pia issue=Beirut, University City
airmail 1/1/1978 35pia issue=1978 overprints perf=14