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3.50z denom (#2969)

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Desc: 3.50z

Currency: Polish złoty (100gr=100g=1zl=1zt=1z)

Numerical sorting value: 21000

Equivalent denoms: 3,50z (1)

Users of this denom: Poland (10 stamps, 1945-2006)

Used by 10 stamps of Poland: (See all uses as list)

10/15/1945 3.50z ltblgrn dt=views of Warsaw,1939&1945 d=town hall perf=9-14.5
1/17/1946 3.50z ltblgrn issue=Warsaw liberation 1st dt=views of Warsaw,1939&1945 d=town hall ovpt=WARSZAWA//... oc=blk on=3.50z perf=9-14.5
3/22/1982 3.50z issue=Ignacy Lukasiewicz death 100th dt=oil lamps d=Two oil lamps with regulators perf=11.5x11.25
4/21/2005 3.50z issue=Pacific Explorer 2005 exhibition d=shell
4/22/2005 3.50z issue=Pope John Paul II memorial d=Pope John Paul II with staff
4/30/2005 3.50z issue=scenic 2005 d=StJohn the Baptist Cathedral Przemysl
8/12/2005 3.50z issue=Miracle on the Vistula 85th d=Polish eagle & Pilsudski
6/28/2006 3.50z issue=Workers' Revolt of Poznan 1956
6/28/2006 3.50z issue=Workers' Revolt of Radom 1976
9/20/2006 3.50z issue=19th National PZF Congress

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