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50gPriorityoutsideEurope denom (#37219)

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Desc: 50gPriorityoutsideEurope

Currency: Icelandic króna (100aur=100a=1k=1kr)

Numerical sorting value: 0

Equivalent denoms: 1000g innanlands, 100g Europe, 100g Innanlands, 100g to Europe, 100g utan Evropu, 100gOutsideEurope, 100Gr., 100gtoEurope, 1500g Innanlands, 2000g innanlands, 20g Bref innanlands, 250g Domestic, 250g Innanlands, 250g til Evropu, 250gDomesticPriority, 250gEurope, 250goutsideEurope, 250Gr., 500g innanlands, 500Gr., 50g, 50g Domestic, 50g Europe, 50g innanlands, 50g Outside Europe, 50g til Evropu, 50g to Europe, 50g utan Evropu, 50gDomestic, 50gPriority, 50gPrioritytoEurope, 50Gr., B50g, B50g innanlands, B50g utan Evropu, B50Gr., Bref 20g, Bref 50g, Bref innanlands, Bref til Evropu

Users of this denom: Iceland (1 stamp, 2013)

Used by 1 stamp of Iceland: (See all uses as list)

5/2/2013 50gPriorityoutsideEurope issue=Europa 2013

Also used in stampdescs.