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80g denom (#5042)

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  • Colnect-4636-680-Eagle.jpg
  • Colnect-2200-746-Overprint-OSTEN-Over-Hindenburg.jpg
  • Generalgouvernement_1940_26_Aufdruck_auf_340.jpg
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  • Colnect-5122-559-Cyclist-peace-dove-and-the-coat-of-arms-of-Berlin.jpg
  • Colnect-5122-558-Cyclist-peace-dove-and-the-coat-of-arms-of-Prague.jpg
  • Colnect-5122-557-Cyclist-peace-dove-and-the-coat-of-arms-of-Warsaw.jpg
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Desc: 80g

Currency: Polish złoty (100gr=100g=1zl=1zt=1z)

Numerical sorting value: 4800

Equivalent denoms: 80gr (42)

Users of this denom: Poland (26 stamps, 1933-1961), German occupation of Poland (7 stamps, 1939-1943), Polish government in exile (3 stamps, 1941-1944)

Used by 36 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Poland 7/10/1933 80g redbrn d=altar panel perf=9-14.5
Poland official 8/1/1933 80g red d=Polish eagle 1933 perf=12x12.5
German occupation of Poland 12/1/1939 80g redvio d=Hindenburg (profile) ovpt=value//Deutsche Post//OSTEN oc=blk on=issuer=Germany-issue=1933 swastikas-40pf wmk=swastikas perf=14
German occupation of Poland 1940 80g dlgrn issue=1940b d=DabrowskiKosciuszkoPoniatowski ovpt=General//Gouvernement oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-75g perf=9-14.5
German occupation of Poland official 4/1940 80g rosevio issue=1940 official larger d=eagle over swastika
German occupation of Poland 8/5/1940 80g issue=architecture d=Saint Mary's church, Kraków
German occupation of Poland 10/26/1941 80g issue=1941 d=Hitler (1941)
Polish government in exile 12/15/1941 80g issue=1941 d=tank (1941)
German occupation of Poland 1942 80g issue=1942 d=Hitler (1942 Poland)
German occupation of Poland official 1943 80g cl issue=1943 official d=eagle & swastika over Cracow Castle
Polish government in exile 11/1/1943 80g issue=1943
Polish government in exile 6/27/1944 80g issue=Monte Cassino d=planes ovpt=MONTE CASSINO//... oc=blk on=1941-1z
Poland 2/2/1953 80g blgray&car issue=Battle of Stalingrad 10th d=Soldier with flag perf=9-14.5
Poland 3/14/1953 80g dkbrn issue=Marx death 70th d=Karl Marx at desk perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/28/1953 80g car d=flag & globe (1953) perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/30/1953 80g dkgrn issue=6th Peace Race d=Berlin arms & cyclists perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/30/1953 80g brncar issue=6th Peace Race d=Prague arms & cyclists perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/30/1953 80g dkbrn issue=6th Peace Race d=cyclists & Warsaw arms perf=9-14.5
Poland 5/17/1953 80g brnorg issue=boxing championship d=boxer perf=9-14.5
Poland 5/22/1953 80g dkbl issue=Copernicus 480th d=Mikolaj Kopernik perf=9-14.5
Poland 7/15/1953 80g dkgrn issue=Merchant Marine Day 1953 d=fishing boat (1953) perf=9-14.5
Poland 10/10/1953 80g car issue=Polish People's Army 10th d=battle scene perf=9-14.5
Poland 11/10/1953 80g dpplm issue=Renaissance Year d=Wawel Castle courtyard perf=12.75
Poland 11/21/1953 80g red dt=nursing d=feeding baby perf=9-14.5
Poland 11/30/1953 80g brnred dt=Warsaw d=Palace of Culture Warsaw perf=9-14.5
Poland 12/16/1953 80g blgrn&dkvio dt=scenery (1953) d=Morskie Oko (1953) perf=9-14.5
Poland 12/31/1953 80g ultra dt=sports (1953 Poland) d=ice dancer perf=9-14.5
Poland 12/31/1953 80g redbrn dt=children d=Girls on the way to school perf=9-14.5
Poland 1/26/1954 80g redbrn d=electric locomotive perf=9-14.5
Poland 3/24/1954 80g dkbrn d=woman tractor driver perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/28/1954 80g carrose issue=Labor Day 1954 d=Hand with flowers bin front bof flags perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/29/1954 80g dpbl issue=7th Peace Race perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/29/1954 80g brn issue=7th Peace Race perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/30/1954 80g brncar issue=3rd trade union congress perf=9-14.5
Poland 11/25/1960 80g blgray issue=1960 dt=historical towns d=Fraborg perf=9-14.5
Poland 12/30/1961 80g dt=insects (1961) d=Lucanus cervus (1961) perf=9-14.5