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35l denom (#5243)

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Desc: 35l

Currency: Italian lira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 210000

Users of this denom: Italy (8 stamps, 1947-1960), Trieste (5 stamps, 1947-1954), Vatican City (28 stamps, 1949-1960), Istria & Slovene Coast (1 stamp, 1947)

Used by 42 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Istria & Slovene Coast 2/8/1947 35l plum issue=1947 d=Partisan Girl & Flag ovpt=VOJNA... oc=blk on=issuer=Yugoslavia-10/10/1945-9d perf=12.5
Italy airmail 9/1/1947 35l bl issue=50th Anniversary of Radio d=Mast & stormy sea wmk=winged wheel perf=14
Trieste airmail 11/19/1947 35l dkbl issue=50th Anniversary of the Radio wmk=winged wheel
Trieste special delivery 7/1/1948 35l vio issue=100th Anniversary of the 1848 Uprisings wmk=winged wheel
Vatican City 3/7/1949 35l redpur dt=basilicas wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 9/12/1950 35l grn issue=Palatine Guard 100th d=Parade of the Palatine Guard wmk=winged wheel
Italy 10/20/1950 35l carrose issue=occupations dt=occupations (1950) d=Basilicata - olives wmk=winged wheel perf=14
Trieste 10/20/1950 35l carrose issue=occupations dt=occupations (1950) d=Basilicata - olives ovpt=A.M.G. F.T.T.//posthorn 1948//TRIESTE oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-35l-dt=occupations wmk=winged wheel perf=14
Vatican City 10/31/1951 35l red issue=Council of Chalcedon 1500th wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 2/12/1953 35l red&brn issue=St Maria Goretti martyrdom 50th d=Portrait of Saint Maria Goretti wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 4/23/1953 35l car&blk dt=popes & views wmk=crossed keys
Italy 6/6/1953 35l car issue=1953 d=Italia (1953) wmk=winged wheel perf=14
Trieste 6/16/1953 35l car issue=1953 wmk=winged wheel
Vatican City 8/23/1953 35l issue=St. Clare of Assisi death 700th perf=13.25x13
Italy 12/31/1953 35l dt=views (1953) d=Taormina & the ruins of the theater wmk=winged wheel perf=14
Trieste 1/26/1954 35l dkbrn&sal issue=1954 wmk=winged wheel
Vatican City 5/26/1954 35l bl issue=Marian year d=Pius XII wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 5/29/1954 35l issue=Pius X canonization wmk=crossed keys perf=13
Vatican City 10/1/1954 35l issue=Basilica of St Francis 200th d=Basilica of St Francis of Assisi wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 11/13/1954 35l issue=St Augustine 1600th d=book & portrait of St Augustine wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 12/7/1954 35l issue=end of Marian year d=Our Lady of Ostra Brama wmk=crossed keys
Italy 3/1/1955 35l car issue=1955b d=Italia (1953) wmk=stars perf=14
Vatican City 4/28/1955 35l issue=St Boniface death 1200th wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 11/28/1955 35l issue=Pope Nicholas V death 500th wmk=crossed keys perf=14
Vatican City airmail 2/22/1956 35l red issue=1956 air wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 4/27/1956 35l issue=Papal Guards 450th wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 5/19/1956 35l issue=St Rita de Gascia death 500th wmk=crossed keys perf=14
Vatican City 7/31/1956 35l issue=St Ignatius de Loyola death 400th wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 10/30/1956 35l issue=St John of Capistrano death 500th wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 12/20/1956 35l d=Black Madonna of Czestochowa wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 6/27/1957 35l issue=Capranica College 500th wmk=crossed keys perf=13.5
Vatican City 10/9/1957 35l issue=Pontifical Academy of Science 20th wmk=crossed keys perf=14
Vatican City 2/21/1958 35l issue=Lourdes apparition 100th d=Sick & the shrine at Lourdes wmk=crossed keys perf=13.5x14
Vatican City 6/19/1958 35l brnred issue=Brussels exposition d=Pius XII wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 7/2/1958 35l issue=Canova wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 4/2/1959 35l issue=Pope John XXIII coronation wmk=crossed keys
Italy 6/23/1959 35l issue=Olympics 1960 pre d=Bath of Caracalla wmk=stars perf=14
Italy 6/27/1959 35l dkvio issue=war of independence 100th d=Garibaldis soldiers at the Battle of San Fermo wmk=stars perf=14
Vatican City airmail 10/27/1959 35l bl issue=1959 air dt=obelisks wmk=crossed keys
Vatican City 4/11/1960 35l car issue=Pius X body to Venice wmk=crossed keys
Italy 6/25/1960 35l issue=Olympics 1960 d=Myrons Discus Thrower wmk=stars perf=14
Vatican City 11/8/1960 35l dt=corporal works of mercy wmk=crossed keys perf=14

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