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2e denom (#5373)

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Desc: 2e

Currency: Portuguese Timorese escudo (100c=1e)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Users of this denom: Timor (4 stamps, 1960-1969)

Used by 4 stamps of Timor: (See all uses as list)

1/1/1960 2e issue=1960 provisional d=map of Timor oc=blk on=1956-40a perf=14x13
3/22/1962 2e dt=sports (1962 Timor) perf=13.5
2/12/1967 2e dt=military uniforms (1967) perf=13.75x13.5
12/9/1969 2e issue=England to Australia flight 50th perf=14

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