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5kr denom (#572)

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Desc: 5kr

Currency: Austro-Hungarian gulden (100kr=1gld)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Users of this denom: Austria (16 stamps, 1858-1894)

Used by 16 stamps of Austria: (See all uses as list)

11/1/1858 5kr red issue=1858 d=Franz Josef left
12/1860 5kr red d=Franz Josef in oval perf=14
1863 5kr rose d=arms of Austria in oval wmk=MARKEN perf=14
1864 5kr rose d=arms of Austria in oval wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
1867 5kr rose issue=1867 d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
telegraph 8/1/1873 5kr brn issue=1873 telegraph wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
telegraph 10/21/1873 5kr brn issue=1873 telegraph wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
1874 5kr rose issue=1874a d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
1874 5kr rose issue=1874b d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=9
1874 5kr rose issue=1874c d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=10.5
1874 5kr rose issue=1874d d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=12
1874 5kr rose issue=1874e d=Franz Josef (1867) wmk=MARKEN perf=13
telegraph 1874 5kr brn issue=1874 telegraph d=Emperor Franz Joseph wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
8/1883 5kr rose d=arms of Austria (1883) wmk=MARKEN perf=9-12.5
9/1/1890 5kr rose issue=1890 d=Franz Josef (1890) perf=9-12.5
postage due 2/1/1894 5kr issue=1894 due d=numeral

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