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500r denom (#5734)

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Desc: 500r

Currency: Portuguese real (1000r=1m)

Numerical sorting value: 30000

Users of this denom: Portugal (8 stamps, 1884-1911), Portuguese Congo (3 stamps, 1901-1914)

Used by 11 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Portugal 1884 500r blk issue=1882 d=King Luís I (1882 500r)
Portugal 1887 500r vio issue=1882 d=King Luís I (1882 500r)
Portugal 3/4/1894 500r vio pc=palelil issue=Prince Henry 500th d=symbolism perf=14
Portugal 6/13/1895 500r blkbrn&grn issue=St Anthony 700th d=St Anthony of Padua 1195-1231
Portugal 7/1/1896 500r blk&red pc=blgray issue=1895 d=King Carlos (1895)
Portuguese Congo 1901 500r blk&red issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898)
Portugal 1/1/1910 500r olgrn&viobrn d=King Manuel II perf=14x15
Portugal 11/1/1910 500r olgrn&viobrn issue=republic ovpt d=King Manuel II ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=car on=500r-olgrn&viobrn-King Manuel II perf=14x15
Portugal 1911 500r car&blk issue=1911b d=zamorin of Calicut receiving Vasco da Gama ovpt=bar//REPUBLICA oc=blk on=type=postage due-1898-100r perf=12
Portuguese Congo 1911 500r blk&red issue=1911b d=King Carlos (1898) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=500r-blk&red
Portuguese Congo 1914 500r blk&red issue=1914b ovpt=REPUBLICA(block) oc=blk on=500r-blk&red

Used by 8 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Portugal-500r-olgrn&viobrn-King Manuel II
issuer=Portuguese Congo-500r-blk&red