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1gld denom (#581)

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Desc: 1gld

Currency: Austro-Hungarian gulden (100kr=1gld)

Numerical sorting value: 6000

Users of this denom: Austria (4 stamps, 1873-1896)

Used by 4 stamps of Austria: (See all uses as list)

telegraph 8/1/1873 1gld org&yel issue=1873 telegraph wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
telegraph 1874 1gld org issue=1874 telegraph d=Emperor Franz Joseph wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
9/1/1890 1gld dkbl issue=1890 d=Franz Josef (1890 anaglyph) perf=9-12.5
2/1/1896 1gld lil issue=1890 d=Franz Josef (1890 anaglyph) perf=9-12.5