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2g denom (#635)

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Desc: 2g

Currency: Austrian schilling (100g=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Users of this denom: Austria (6 stamps, 1925-1949)

Used by 6 stamps of Austria: (See all uses as list)

1925 2g cl issue=1925 d=numeral (1925 Austria) perf=12
airmail 1925 2g graybrn issue=1925a air d=plane & pilot perf=12.5
postage due 6/1/1925 2g red issue=1925 due d=numeral & rays perf=12.5
postage due 6/1/1935 2g red issue=1935 due d=numeral & arms of Austria perf=12.5
postage due 8/14/1947 2g redbrn issue=1947 due d=numeral in oval (1947) perf=14
postage due 11/17/1949 2g rose issue=1949 due d=numeral in square (1949) perf=14