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3kr denom (#6988)

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Desc: 3kr

Currency: Austro-Hungarian krone (100h=1kr=1k)

Numerical sorting value: 18000

Equivalent denoms: 3k (11)

Users of this denom: Austria (14 stamps, 1915-1921), Italian occupation of Austria (1 stamp, 1918), Austrian occupation of Montenegro (1 stamp, 1918)

Used by 16 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Austria military 1915 3kr car pc=grn issue=1915a military d=Franz Josef (1912) ovpt=K.U.K.//FELDPOST oc=blk on=issuer=Bosnia & Herzegovina-1912-3k perf=12.5
Austria military 1915 3kr car issue=1915b military d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5
Austria 10/1/1916 3kr cl issue=1916 d=arms of Austria (1916 b) perf=12.5
Austria 1917 3kr carrose d=arms of Austria (1916 b) perf=12.5
Austria military 1917 3kr grn issue=1917 military d=Karl I (1917) perf=12.5
Austria 1918 3kr d=arms of Austria (1916 b) perf=12.5 paper=granite
Italian occupation of Austria 1918 3kr cl issue=1918a d=arms of Austria (1916 b) ovpt=Regno d'Italia//Venezia Giulia//3. XI. 18. oc=blk on=issuer=Austria-1916-3kr-cl perf=12.5
Austrian occupation of Montenegro 1918 3kr car issue=1918 d=Franz Josef (1915 b) ovpt=Montenegro on=issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-3kr perf=12.5
Austria 12/1918 3kr cl issue=1918 d=arms of Austria (1916 b) ovpt=Deutschoesterreich oc=blk on=issue=1916-3kr-perf=12.5 perf=12.5
Austria 7/1919 3kr dkbl&brn issue=1919 d=Austrian Parliament Building
Austria newspaper 1920 3kr grngray issue=1920 newspaper d=Mercury (1920 Austria)
Austria postage due 2/1/1920 3kr dkbl issue=1920 due perf=12.5x13
Austria semipostal 9/16/1920 3kr dkbl&grn issue=Carinthia Plebiscite d=Austrian Parliament Building ovpt=Kaernten//Abstimmung oc=blk on=3kr-imperf-unissued imperf
Austria newspaper 1921 3kr issue=1921 newspaper d=Mercury (1921)
Austria semipostal 3/1/1921 3kr issue=flood relief 1921 ovpt=Hochwasser//1920 oc=blk on=3kr-unissued
Austria 8/1921 3kr yelgrn&blk d=arms of Austria (1921) perf=12.5

Used by 6 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Austria-issue=1917 military-3kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-3kr