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40q denom (#77)

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Desc: 40q

Currency: Albanian lek (fr) (100q=1fr=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 2400

Users of this denom: Albania (10 stamps, 1937-1947)

Used by 10 stamps of Albania: (See all uses as list)

11/20/1937 40q red issue=independence 25th
1/4/1945 40q grn issue=1945a d=Victor Emmanuel III (1939) ovpt=QEVERIJA//... oc=blk on=issue=1939b-5q perf=14x14.25
11/28/1945 40q brn dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=Gorica Bridge Berat perf=11.5
1946 40q brn issue=1946a dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=Gorica Bridge Berat ovpt=ASAMBLEJA//... oc=blk on=11/28/1945-40q perf=11.5
1946 40q brn issue=1946b dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=Gorica Bridge Berat ovpt=REPUBLIKA POPULLORE//E//SHQERIPSE oc=blk on=11/28/1945-40q perf=11.5
3/8/1946 40q issue=Womens Congress 1946 d=Globe dove & olive branch perf=11.5
10/6/1946 40q pur issue=Balkan Games 1946 perf=11.5
5/5/1947 40q issue=Qemal Stafa death 5th d=Qemal Stafa perf=12.75x11.5
5/16/1947 40q issue=Durres railway construction d=youth building railway
7/10/1947 40q issue=Albanian army 4th d=Vojo Kushi perf=11.5

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