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9p denom (#7943)

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Desc: 9p

Currency: Australian pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 540

Users of this denom: Australia (11 stamps, 1913-1964), New Guinea (10 stamps, 1925-1939), Norfolk Island (3 stamps, 1947-1964), North West Pacific Islands (3 stamps, 1915-1919)

Used by 27 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Australia 1/1913 9p pur issue=1913 d=kangaroo & map of Australia wmk=wide crown & wide A perf=11.5-12
Australia 1915 9p vio issue=1915b d=kangaroo & map of Australia wmk=narrow crown & narrow A
North West Pacific Islands 1915 9p vio issue=1915a d=kangaroo & map of Australia ovpt=N.W.//PACIFIC//ISLANDS oc=blk on=issuer=Australia-9p-vio-kangaroo & map of Australia
North West Pacific Islands 1915 9p vio issue=1915b ovpt=N.W.//PACIFIC//ISLANDS oc=blk on=issuer=Australia-9p-vio-King George V
Australia 7/9/1915 9p vio issue=1915a d=kangaroo & map of Australia wmk=wide crown & narrow A
North West Pacific Islands 1919 9p vio issue=1915c ovpt=N.W.//PACIFIC//ISLANDS oc=blk on=issuer=Australia-9p-vio
New Guinea 1925 9p issue=1925 d=native village
New Guinea official 4/6/1925 9p issue=1925 official d=native village on=issue=1925-9p
Australia 1929 9p vio issue=1929 d=kangaroo & map of Australia wmk=mult small crown & A perf=12
New Guinea airmail 6/8/1931 9p d=native village ovpt=AIR MAIL//biplane oc=blk on=9p-native village
New Guinea 8/2/1931 9p issue=1931 d=bird of paradise (1931)
New Guinea airmail 8/2/1931 9p d=bird of paradise (1931) ovpt=biplane//AIR//MAIL oc=blk on=9p-bird of paradise (1931)
New Guinea official 8/2/1931 9p issue=1931 official d=bird of paradise (1931) on=issue=1931-9p
Australia 1932 9p vio issue=1931 d=kangaroo & map of Australia wmk=mult small crown & CofA perf=12
New Guinea 6/30/1932 9p dlvio issue=1932 d=bird of paradise (no dates)
New Guinea airmail 6/30/1932 9p dlvio issue=1932 air d=bird of paradise (no dates) ovpt=biplane//AIR//MAIL oc=blk on=9p-bird of paradise (no dates)
New Guinea official 6/30/1932 9p dlvio issue=1932 official d=bird of paradise (no dates) on=issue=1932-9p
Australia 11/1/1934 9p dkvio d=Merino sheep wmk=mult small crown & CofA perf=11.5
Australia 5/10/1937 9p sep issue=1937 d=platypus wmk=mult small crown & CofA
Australia 10/1/1937 9p vio issue=NSW 150th d=Governor Phillip at Sydney Cove wmk=mult small crown & CofA
New Guinea airmail 3/1/1939 9p issue=1939 air d=plane over Bulolo goldfields
Norfolk Island 6/10/1947 9p lilrose d=view of Ball Bay perf=14
Australia 6/2/1956 9p sep issue=1956a d=platypus
Australia 2/2/1959 9p sep issue=1959 d=kangaroos perf=15x14
Norfolk Island 5/23/1960 9p dkultra issue=1960 d=cereus & Queen Elizabeth II perf=14.5
Norfolk Island 1964 9p issue=1962 dt=landscapes & fish d=The Arches perf=14.5x14
Australia 3/11/1964 9p issue=1963 d=magpie perf=13.5

Used by 14 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Australia-9p-vio-kangaroo & map of Australia
issuer=Australia-9p-vio-King George V
issuer=New Guinea-9p-native village
issuer=New Guinea-9p-bird of paradise (no dates)
issuer=New Guinea-9p-bird of paradise (1931)
issuer=New Guinea-issue=1925-9p
issuer=New Guinea-issue=1931-9p
issuer=New Guinea-issue=1932-9p
issuer=Norfolk Island-1960-9p