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9p denom (#7949)

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Desc: 9p

Currency: New Zealand pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 540

Users of this denom: Cook Islands (1 stamp, 1919), New Zealand (20 stamps, 1898-1967), Niue (1 stamp, 1950)

Used by 22 stamps: (See all uses as list)

New Zealand 4/5/1898 9p lil issue=1898 d=Pink Terrace perf=12-16
New Zealand 1899 9p lil issue=1899 d=Pink Terrace
New Zealand 1902 9p redvio issue=1902b d=Pink Terrace wmk=NZ & star (close) paper=thin white wove
New Zealand 7/30/1915 9p olgrn issue=1915a d=King George V (1915 New Zealand) wmk=NZ & star (close)
Cook Islands 1919 9p olgrn issue=1919 d=King George V (1915 New Zealand) ovpt=RAROTONGA//value oc=blk on=issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-9p wmk=NZ & star (close)
New Zealand official 1925 9p olgrn issue=1925 official wmk=NZ & star (close)
New Zealand 5/1/1935 9p blk&red issue=1935 d=Maori door panel wmk=NZ & star (close)
New Zealand 1936 9p blk&red issue=1936 d=Maori door panel wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14x15
New Zealand official 1936 9p blk&red issue=1936 official wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand 1/2/1940 9p dporg&ol issue=Treaty of Waitangi 100th d=gold mining wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand official 1/2/1940 9p dporg&ol issue=1940 official d=gold mining on=issue=Treaty of Waitangi 100th-9p wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand 1941 9p blk&scar d=Maori door panel wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand 4/1/1946 9p blk&bl issue=Peace d=Southern Alps wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand 1947 9p viobrn d=King George VI (1938 New Zealand b) wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand official 5/1/1947 9p brnvio issue=1947 official wmk=multiple NZ & star
Niue 7/3/1950 9p brn&org issue=1950 d=spear fisher wmk=multiple NZ & star
New Zealand 1954 9p grn&grn issue=1953 d=Queen Elizabeth II with sash wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14
New Zealand official 3/1/1954 9p car issue=1954 official d=Queen Elizabeth II (1954) wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14x13.5
New Zealand 7/11/1960 9p issue=1960 d=flag of New Zealand (1960) wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=15x14
New Zealand 5/17/1965 9p issue=ITU 100th d=ITU emblem (1965 New Zealand) wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14.5x14
New Zealand 11/30/1965 9p issue=11th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference d=Parliament House wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14
New Zealand 2/3/1967 9p issue=PO savings bank 100th d=sovereign & dollar wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=14.25x14.75

Used by 4 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=New Zealand-issue=Treaty of Waitangi 100th-9p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-9p
issuer=New Zealand-1898-9p