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1.70fr denom (#7979)

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  • Colnect-5395-568-Prince-Johann-Adam-Pius.jpg
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Desc: 1.70fr

Currency: Swiss franc (rp) (100rp=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 10200

Equivalent denoms: 170

Users of this denom: Liechtenstein (14 stamps, 1963-2000)

Used by 14 stamps of Liechtenstein: (See all uses as list)

12/5/1963 1.70fr dt=minnesingers perf=12.5
1964 1.70fr vio issue=1960 d=Prince Johann Adam Pius perf=12.5
12/6/1966 1.70fr issue=Vaduz Parish Church restoration perf=12.5
12/5/1974 1.70fr grn d=Prince Hans Adam perf=14.25x13.75
12/10/1984 1.70fr issue=Crown Prince Hans-Adam and Marie d=Princess Marie perf=14
3/11/1985 1.70fr issue=Castles 1985 dt=Castles (1985) d=Gutenberg Mission
9/2/1985 1.70fr issue=Visit of Pope John Paul II d=Our Lady of Liechtenstein St Mary the Comforter perf=11.75
9/9/1986 1.70fr dt=hunting (1986) d=red deer Cervus elaphus perf=12.5
3/7/1988 1.70fr issue=European Campaign for the Countryside perf=11.75
3/3/1997 1.70fr issue=1996 dt=paintings (1997 Liechtenstein) perf=12.5
3/2/1998 1.70fr issue=75th Anniversary of Customs Treaty with Switzerland perf=11.75
12/7/1998 1.70fr issue=Historic Buildings dt=historic buildings (1998) d=St Georges Chapel Older buildings Hinterschellengerg perf=11.75
9/9/1999 1.70fr issue=250th Anniversary of the Birth of J. W. Goethe perf=14
5/9/2000 1.70fr issue=Freedom 2000 - Art by Mouth and Foot Painters d=Universal Peace by Alberto Alvarez

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