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12k denom (#8247)

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Desc: 12k

Currency: Hungarian korona (100fil=100f=1kr=1k)

Numerical sorting value: 72000

Users of this denom: Hungary (2 stamps, 1920-1921)

Used by 2 stamps of Hungary: (See all uses as list)

airmail 11/7/1920 12k viobrn&vio d=Hungarian Parliament Building (KIR POSTA) var=colored numerals ovpt=LEGI POSTA//value oc=blk on=1916-10k
postage due 1921 12k blk issue=1921 postage due d=harvesting wheat 1920 ovpt=PORTO//value oc=blk on=1920-60f-blk

All are wmk=double cross horiz

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