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26c denom (#858)

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Desc: 26c

Currency: Belize dollar (100c=1$)

Numerical sorting value: 1560

Users of this denom: Belize (5 stamps, 1973-1975)

Used by 5 stamps of Belize: (See all uses as list)

11/14/1973 26c issue=Princess Anne's Wedding d=Princess Anne & Mark Phillips (1973) perf=14
5/1/1974 26c dt=Mayan pottery motifs d=Condor perf=14.5
9/2/1974 26c issue=1974 dt=butterflies of Belize (1974) d=Hamadryas arethusa perf=14
6/2/1975 26c dt=Mayan containers d=jug with Mayan symbols perf=14.25
11/17/1975 26c issue=Christmas 1975 d=Nativity play perf=14.25x14.75

All are wmk=St Edwards crown & CA

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom: