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30s denom (#8747)

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Desc: 30s

Currency: Japanese yen (1000rin=1000r=100sen=100s=1y)

Numerical sorting value: 18000

Users of this denom: Japan (8 stamps, 1919-1947), Japanese offices in China (1 stamp, 1920), Japanese occupation of North Borneo (1 stamp, 1944), Ryukyu Islands (2 stamps, 1948-1949)

Used by 12 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Japan 1919 30s orgbrn issue=1914 d=Tazawa c wmk=zigzag lines
Japanese offices in China 1920 30s orgbrn issue=1914 d=Tazawa c ovpt=2 chars oc=blk on=issuer=Japan-issue=1914-30s wmk=zigzag lines
Japan 1937 30s org&grn issue=1937a d=Tazawa c wmk=curved wavy lines
Japan 1939 30s pckbl issue=1937b d=Miyajima Torii wmk=curved wavy lines perf=13
Japan 1944 30s blgrn issue=war morale d=Miyajima Torii 1944 wmk=curved wavy lines perf=13x13.5
Japanese occupation of North Borneo 9/30/1944 30s issue=1944c
Japan 8/1/1946 30s dkvio issue=1946 d=pagoda (1946) wmk=curved wavy lines imperf
Japan 8/10/1946 30s issue=1945 pictorials d=temple (1946) wmk=curved wavy lines imperf
Japan 12/12/1946 30s dpgrn issue=postal service 75th d=Baron Hisoka Maejima (1946) wmk=curved wavy lines
Japan 1947 30s issue=1947 d=Horyu Temple var=redrawn wmk=curved wavy lines
Ryukyu Islands 7/1/1948 30s ver issue=1948 d=Sailing Ship - White paper wmk=curved wavy lines
Ryukyu Islands 7/18/1949 30s ver issue=1949 d=junk (1948) wmk=curved wavy lines

Used by 6 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Japanese offices in Taiwan-30s-dkbl