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12fr denom (#9242)

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  • Colnect-147-483-Whaling-after-a-painting-by-Louis-Tinayre.jpg
  • Colnect-5726-500-Prince-Rainier-III-1923-2005.jpg
  • Colnect-147-557-Prince-Rainier-in-the-Basilika-of-Saint-Peter-in-Rome.jpg
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  • Colnect-147-749-Grotto-of-Lourdes-in-1958.jpg
Desc: 12fr

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 72000

Users of this denom: Monaco (8 stamps, 1948-1958)

Used by 8 stamps of Monaco: (See all uses as list)

7/1948 12fr car issue=1946 d=Louis II profile perf=14x13
3/5/1949 12fr redvio issue=Prince Albert I 100th d=Whaling after a painting by Louis Tinayre perf=13x13.25
3/10/1949 12fr slgrn issue=1946 d=Louis II profile
4/1950 12fr bl issue=1950 d=Rainier profile perf=14x13
6/4/1951 12fr vio issue=Holy Year 1950 d=Prince Rainier in the Basilika of Saint Peter in Rome perf=13
4/12/1954 12fr brnvio d=knight 1954 perf=13.25
6/7/1955 12fr carred&grn issue=1955b d=Rainier 1955
5/15/1958 12fr issue=Lourdes apparition 100th d=Grotto of Lourdes in 1958 perf=13