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30b denom (#991)

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Desc: 30b

Currency: Bolivian boliviano (100c=1b=1b$=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 180000

Equivalent denoms: 30.00b

Users of this denom: Bolivia (6 stamps, 1951-2013)

Used by 6 stamps of Bolivia: (See all uses as list)

11/5/1951 30b sep&multi issue=flag 100th d=condor & flag of Bolivia
airmail 8/2/1954 30b issue=1st National Agronomical Congress d=map of Bolivia & Bolivian
airmail 8/6/1975 30b issue=republic 150th b d=President Andres de Santa Cruz
8/12/1982 30b issue=China-Bolivian Agricultural Co-operation
3/16/2001 30b dt=patriotic symbols
4/29/2013 30b d=University San Andres

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