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Short desc: Minerva

Things in this design:
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This design is used by 7 stamps: (See all uses as list)
United States newspaper 1875 $9 yel issue=1875 newspaper perf=12
United States newspaper 1875 $9 yelorg issue=1875 newspaper special perf=12
Uruguay 10/5/1895 25c redbrn&blk issue=1895
Netherlands 5/15/1936 6c copred issue=University of Utrecht 300th wmk=circles perf=12.5
Lebanon airmail 11/23/1948 35p issue=UNESCO Conference at Beirut perf=11.5
Lebanon airmail 11/23/1948 75p issue=UNESCO Conference at Beirut perf=11.5
Marshall Islands 8/4/2005 37c issue=Antique Cars 2005 dt=Antique Cars (2005) perf=13.5

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