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arms of Austria in oval

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Short desc: arms of Austria in oval

Things in this design:
arms arms of Austria
symbol oval

This design is used by 20 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Austria 1863 2kr yel wmk=MARKEN perf=14
Austria 1863 3kr grn wmk=MARKEN perf=14
Austria 1863 5kr rose wmk=MARKEN perf=14
Austria 1863 10kr bl wmk=MARKEN perf=14
Austria 1863 15kr yelbrn wmk=MARKEN perf=14
LombardyVenetia 1863 2s yel perf=14.5
LombardyVenetia 1863 3s grn perf=14.5
LombardyVenetia 1863 5s rose perf=14.5
LombardyVenetia 1863 10s bl perf=14.5
LombardyVenetia 1863 15s brn perf=14.5
Austria 1864 2kr yel wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
Austria 1864 3kr grn wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
Austria 1864 5kr rose wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
Austria 1864 10kr bl wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
Austria 1864 15kr yelbrn wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
LombardyVenetia 1864 3s grn issue=1864 wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
LombardyVenetia 1864 5s red issue=1864 wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
LombardyVenetia 1864 10s bl issue=1864 wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
LombardyVenetia 1864 15s brn issue=1864 wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5
LombardyVenetia 1865 2s yel issue=1864 wmk=MARKEN perf=9.5

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