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Short desc: monument

This design is used by 30 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Turkey 11/15/1916 20pa dprose issue=1916
Cilicia 5/1/1919 20pa dprose issue=1919d ovpt=T.E.O.//Cilicie oc=blk on=issuer=Turkey-1916-20pa-dprose-monument
Ukraine 1920 100gr issue=1920 perf=11.5
Portugal 11/11/1924 20e vio&blk issue=Camoens 400th perf=14
Russia 11/1940 10k dkgrn issue=Battle of Perekop 20th perf=12
Japanese occupation of Malaya 1943 8c dkbl issue=1943
Thailand 6/1/1943 3s dkgrn
Thailand 11/2/1943 3s ltgrn
Poland 9/13/1944 50g slgrn issue=arms & monument perf=9-14.5
Panama 1948 5c issue=Colon Fire Department 50th perf=12
South Africa 12/1/1949 1 1/2p dlgrn issue=Voortrekker Monument wmk=mult springboks head
South West Africa 12/1/1949 1 1/2p dlgrn issue=Voortrekker Monument ovpt=SWA oc=blk on=issuer=South Africa-issue=Voortrekker Monument-1 1/2p wmk=mult springboks head
Liberia 4/21/1950 5c issue=UPU 75th
Poland 4/21/1955 60g prusbl issue=Polish-Soviet treaty 10th perf=9-14.5
Poland 4/21/1955 60g dkolbrn issue=Polish-Soviet treaty 10th perf=9-14.5
Romania 10/2/1958 55b orgbrn issue=Armed Forces Day 1958 perf=13.75
Greece 7/11/1968 2d issue=Dodecanese return 20th wmk=crowns
North Korea 6/4/1969 10ch issue=Memorials on Pochonbo Battlefield
Liberia 1/1/1972 20c issue=150th Anniversary of the Founding of Liberia
Liberia 1/1/1972 35c issue=150th Anniversary of the Founding of Liberia
Ecuador 9/11/1975 3.00s blk<grn issue=3rd Ecuadorian Games
Panama 6/22/1976 20c issue=150th Anniversary of Panama Congress
Panama 6/22/1976 20c issue=150th Anniversary of Panama Congress
Poland semipostal 9/1/1979 10+5z issue=40th anniv. Of Polish postal workers' resistance to nazi inv imperf
Ă…land Islands 4/4/1986 20m issue=1984
German Democratic Republic 9/13/1988 10pf issue=30 Years Memorial, Buchenwald
German Democratic Republic 9/13/1988 35pf issue=Monument To The European Resistance Movement Against Fascism
Burkina Faso 11/15/1989 120fr issue=Solidarity with Palestinian People
Norway 10/5/1990 15k issue=Svendsen 150th perf=13.25x13
Moldova 8/22/2004 2l issue=60th Anniversary of the Battle of Jassy-Kishinevs

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