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badge of the colony & George VI

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Short desc: badge of the colony & George VI

Things in this design:
symbol badge of the colony
person George VI (syn. of King George VI)

This design is used by 19 stamps: (See all uses as list)
St. Helena 1938 1/2p pur issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 1p dpgrn issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 1 1/2p car issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 2p org issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 3p ultra issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 6p graybl issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 1sh sepia issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 2sh6p dpcl issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 5sh brn issue=1938
St. Helena 1938 10sh vio issue=1938
St. Helena 1940 1p orgyel issue=1938
St. Helena 1940 3p gray issue=1938
St. Helena 1940 4p ultra issue=1938
St. Helena 1940 8p ol issue=1938
St. Helena 11/1/1949 1p grn&blk
St. Helena 11/1/1949 1 1/2p car&blk
St. Helena 11/1/1949 2p
Tristan da Cunha 1/1/1952 1/2d pur issue=1952 ovpt=TRISTAN//DA CUNHA oc=blk on=issuer=St. Helena-1/2p-pur
Tristan da Cunha 1/1/1952 5sh brn issue=1952 ovpt=TRISTAN//DA CUNHA oc=blk on=issuer=St. Helena-1938-5sh

All are wmk=mult crown & script CA

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