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Nymphaea pubescens

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Short desc: Nymphaea pubescens

Things in this design:
plant Nymphaea pubescens

This design is used by 5 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Thailand 5/15/1973 75s dt=water lilies (1973) wmk=POSTAGE perf=11x13
Thailand 5/15/1973 1.50b dt=water lilies (1973) wmk=POSTAGE perf=11x13
Vietnam 4/24/1988 10d dt=Water Flowers
Malaysia 3/12/1990 $1 dt=wildflowers (1990) wmk=SPM multiple perf=12.25
Malaysia 7/31/1999 25sen dt=plants & freshwater fishes of Malaysia wmk=SPM multiple

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