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Image Colnect-6220-773-M-de-Toro-y-Zambrano-and-Juan-Martinez-de-Rozas-1779-1813.jpg

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Type: stamp Issuer: Chile Date: 1965 Denom: ?
Visibility: public Image owner: none
12 matches:
postage 6c issue=1965 d=Easter Island statue unwmk
postage 15c issue=1965 d=copihue flower unwmk perf=14
postage 30c issue=1965 d=Robinson Crusoe unwmk
postage 1/11/1965 4c pur issue=Carlos Casanueva memorial unwmk
postage 1/11/1965 60c dkbl issue=Carlos Casanueva memorial d=Airmail unwmk
postage 8/30/1965 4c blgrn d=skier unwmk perf=14
airmail 5/15/1965 5c grn&sep issue=150th Anniversary of Battle of Rancagua unwmk
airmail 5/15/1965 40c red issue=ITU 100th unwmk
airmail 8/1/1965 20c viobl issue=World Ski Championships 1966 unwmk
airmail 10/31/1965 40c olbrn issue=1965 air unwmk
airmail 10/31/1965 1e redpur issue=1965 air unwmk
airmail 11/29/1965 10c car issue=Andres Bello death 100th unwmk

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