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Type: stamp Issuer: Greece Date: 2019 Denom: ?
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postage 3/15/2019 Registered Domestic multi issue=Ancient Greek Literature d=Euripides unwmk
postage 3/15/2019 0,05€ multi issue=Ancient Greek Literature d=Epicurus unwmk
postage 3/15/2019 0.20€ multi issue=Ancient Greek Literature d=Xenophon unwmk
postage 3/15/2019 0.50€ multi issue=Ancient Greek Literature d=Socrates unwmk
postage 3/15/2019 1.00€ multi issue=Ancient Greek Literature d=Herodotus unwmk
postage 4/9/2019 0.72€ multi d=Learning to be Smoke Free unwmk
postage 4/9/2019 0,90€ multi d=Logo Smoke Free Greece unwmk
postage 4/9/2019 2.50€ multi d=World Children's Book Day unwmk
postage 4/9/2019 0.72€ multi issue=1st Prize UNESCO 13th Trikala Elementary School unwmk

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