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Image Colnect-5911-652-Aasivissuit-Nipisat-UNESCO-Heritage-Site.jpg

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Type: stamp Issuer: Greenland Date: 2019 Denom: ?
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postage 1/21/2019 2dkr. multi issue=Fish in Nordic waters 2019 d=Blue whiting unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 30dkr. multi issue=Fish in Nordic waters 2019 d=HÃ¥ising unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 11dkr. multi issue=Abandoned Stations 2019 d=Dye-2 unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 42dkr. multi issue=Abandoned Stations 2019 d=Loran Station Angissoq unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 25dkr. multi issue=Greenland during World War II (Series IV) d=Commnication During The War unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 41dkr. multi issue=Greenland during World War II (Series IV) d=Weather Stations unwmk
postage 1/21/2019 15dkr. multi issue=Arctic Deserts of Greenland d=View of Uummannaq unwmk
semipostal 1/21/2019 15+1kr multi unwmk

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