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Type: stamp Issuer: North Macedonia Date: 2010 Denom: ?
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36 matches:
postage 2/10/2010 50d grnbl&multi d=helicopter (2010)
postage 2/12/2010 50d redorg&multi issue=Winter Olympics 2010 d=rocks & ski jumper
postage 2/12/2010 100d ultra&multi issue=Winter Olympics 2010 d=rocks & goalie
postage 2/26/2010 18d multi issue=Women's Day 100th dt=flowers (2010 Macedonia)
postage 2/26/2010 18d multi issue=Women's Day 100th dt=flowers (2010 Macedonia)
postage 3/25/2010 18d multi issue=St Peter church 650th d=church & wall paintings
postage 4/14/2010 20d multi dt=pet parrots d=budgie
postage 4/14/2010 40d multi dt=pet parrots d=macaw
postage 5/5/2010 100d multi issue=Europa 2010 dt=children's books (2010) d=Peter Pan flying out of book
postage 5/8/2010 18d multi issue=Macedonian chairs Council of Europe d=map & people & emblem
postage 5/9/2010 20d multi dt=European Union capitals d=EU building, Brussels
postage 5/9/2010 50d multi dt=European Union capitals d=Madrid
postage 6/5/2010 20d multi issue=environmental protection 2010 d=sweet chestnut
postage 6/8/2010 50d multi issue=Robert Schumann 200th d=Robert Schumann & piano keys
postage 6/8/2010 60d multi issue=Chopin 200th
postage 6/11/2010 50d multi issue=World Cup 2010 d=soccer ball in net
postage 6/11/2010 100d multi issue=World Cup 2010
postage 6/11/2010 150d multi issue=World Cup 2010
postage 6/12/2010 18d multi issue=50th Ohrid Summer Festival d=St Sophia
postage 8/26/2010 60d multi issue=Mother Teresa 100th d=Mother Teresa
postage 9/9/2010 50d multi issue=Bayram d=mosque in crescent
postage 9/10/2010 18d multi dt=Lake Ohrid species d=Chara ohridana
postage 9/10/2010 20d multi dt=Lake Ohrid species d=Gocea ohridana
postage 9/10/2010 44d multi dt=Lake Ohrid species d=Surirella spiralis
postage 9/10/2010 100d multi dt=Lake Ohrid species d=Ochridaspongia rotunda
postage 10/9/2010 100d multi issue=laurel wreath to Prlicev 150th d=hands writing
postage 10/20/2010 10d multi issue=Dunant death 100th d=Henri Dunant in red cross
postage 10/20/2010 20d multi issue=Jacques Cousteau 100th d=Jacques Cousteau and orcas
postage 10/20/2010 20d multi issue=Koch death 100th d=Koch & microscope
postage 11/5/2010 18d multi issue=Miladinov 200th d=Dimitar Miladinov & writing
postage 11/5/2010 18d multi issue=St Naum death 1100th d=St Naum
postage 11/11/2010 16d multi issue=elections 20th d=desk calendar with note
postage 11/15/2010 20d multi issue=Barleti 550th d=Marin Barleti & History
postage 11/15/2010 50d multi issue=Koco 100th d=artwork
postage 11/15/2010 50d multi issue=Todorovski 100th d=sculpture by Todorovski
postage 11/22/2010 16d multi issue=Christmas 2010 d=baskets with fruit

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